Why is Rahul Gandhi so desperate to show terrorist Shorabuddin Sheikh as innocent?

India saw many encounters and killings of terrorists and criminals, but one cannot forget the extent to which two terrorists Ishrat Jahan and Shorabuddin Sheikh got attention and support. In 2004, the LeT terrorist Ishrat Jahan and three others were killed in an encounter by the Gujarat police and the crime branch.It was found that Ishrat Jahan was a LeT suicide bomber who was on a mission to kill prominent leaders of Gujarat and especially targeted Narendra Modi who was then the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

The Congress party which was in the centre wanted to showcase this as a fake encounter and prove that Ishrat Jahan was innocent. The entire Lutyens lobby from Delhi including Human rights activists projected as if Modi and Shah had committed a grave crime killing a terrorist. The Congress high command from Sonia Gandhi to Rahul Gandhi and all leaders openly supported terrorist Ishrat Jahan and somehow wanted to fix Narendra Modi and Shah in a fake encounter case. But ultimately it was proved that Ishrat Jahan’s encounter was not fake and she was a LeT suicide bomber. Did Sonia and Rahul Gandhi apologize to the Nation for supporting a terrorist for 8 years??

Shorabuddin Sheikh was another terrorist who was killed in an encounter in 2005, just few months after Ishrat Jahan encounter. But again it was Congress which wanted to project him as a hero and fought tooth and nail to implicate Amit Shah and Modi in the case. For those who do not know who was Shorabuddin Sheikh, he was a person involved in the criminal extortion racket in Gujarat, he was involved in arms smuggling and supplying to various terror groups in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. He was a close associate of  underworld criminals Sharifkhan Pathan, Abdul Latif, Rasool Parti and Brajesh Singh, who were all members and associates of India’s largest organized crime network and underworld mafia operated by Dawood Ibrahim. The intelligence report of 2004-2005 showed his links with LeT terror group and he was also said to be working for Pakistan ISI. He was given the task of assassinating top political leaders of Gujarat which was also confirmed by the ATS (Anti Terror squad).

So, the Congress wants to prove this encounter as fake and show Shorabuddin as innocent. In 2007, when the case was filed against Gujarat government and Amit Shah, the Supreme Court was clear in saying that there was ample evidence to show that Shorabuddin as terrorist. But what changed in 2 years, no one knows but there was a combined attempt by all media channels to pressurize the courts to hand over the case to CBI. Finally, in 2010, the case was taken over by CBI and they filed various cases against many police officers and then Home Minister of Gujarat Amit Shah.

Despite investigating the case for over 4 years, the CBI could not produce single evidence against Shah and finally, Amit Shah was acquitted in 2014. But this was something Congress could not digest. Justice Loya who was hearing the case of Shorabuddin encounter died at the same time following a heart attack. This gave Congress a tool to link Justice Loya death with Amit Shah just for the reason that Amit Shah was an accused in the Shorabuddin encounter case.

Since 3 years, the Congress never uttered a word regarding Justice Loya’s death, but suddenly since 2017, there was an orchestrated campaign by the Congress and its friends in media to link Amit Shah with Justice Loya’s death. So, did they realise that Justice Loya was handling Shorabuddin case only in 2017? Why was the issue not raised for 3 years? Initially, they accused that Amit Shah lured the family of Justice Loya with 100 crores, but the claim was demolished by Justice Loya’s son who clarified that no one offered them money nor did they suspect foul play in his death.

When the case was taken by the Supreme Court, three judges who were with Justice Loya during his final moments gave a testimony saying that there was absolutely no foul play and they took him to the hospital in an ambulance immediately after he complained about chest pain. Justice Bhushan Gavai who was with Loya the night, said they all had attended a wedding in Nagpur, upon returning Justice Loya had a pan and was chatting till late night with his colleagues and it was at 3.30 AM he complained about chest pain and was taken to hospital. But the Congress had spread fake news that justice Loya was not taken to hospital in Ambulance but in an auto which was found to be false.

Even after the family cleared all doubts that there was no foul play, why is Congress behind supporting Shorabuddin and prove Loya’s death as murder. The real reason is because this case is linked with Amit Shah. Yes, Amit Shah is one person who has proved to be unbeatable and a headache for Rahul Gandhi. His mission to make India Congress mukt is literally worrying Congress which wants to put a break to his juggernaut hook or crook. Moreover, Amit Shah is the biggest support to PM Modi and the most trusted aide. Implicating Amit Shah, in any case, will be a massive blow to PM Modi politically and morally.

This is exactly why Rahul Gandhi is specifically targeting and raising those issues which are directly linked with Amit Shah. Another example was how Congress picked up a fake report of The Wire article on Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah claiming he was involved in corruption. But The Wire had to face defamation suit by Jay Shah for their fake report.

Last month there was also an incident where the 4 Supreme Court judges made a mockery of the institution by going to the media to complain against CJI Mishra. They claimed that the judiciary had a major problem and wanted the CJI to address the issue. But none of them revealed what was the problem. Why??? Because there was no problem as claimed by judges, but their real intention was to give a new dimension and limelight to Justice Loya death.

The Judges episode was a mere drama which was exposed in all news channels after Justice Chelameswar met with Left leaders. Immediately after the press conference, the only topic few channels picked up was the Justice Loya death case. It was nothing but an orchestrated drama which was directed by political parties to target few top guns in the BJP.

This has only shown it is a desperate attempt by Rahul Gandhi who wants to target Amit Shah by trying to link him with Justice Loya death and prove Shorabuddin encounter was fake.

Aishwarya S