Why maximum terror attacks happen during Ramzan? Has Home Minister made a blunder issuing cease fire during Ramzan!

Islamic terrorism is one of the biggest threat faced by every country in the world. Apart from those people who fund these terror organisation, almost all countries have been victims by these terror elements.

Unfortunately, India has now become the prime targets for various terror organisations which are desperately waiting for an opportunity to strike India. The sad part is whenever the issue of terrorism is raised, the vested interest groups drag in the religious angle and hide themselves behind the minority status. It is very well known as one of the main reasons for Kashmir turning into a battlefield is because of Islamic terrorists backed by Pakistan Army which wants to severe Kashmir from India.

This effort is going on since 30 years and Kashmir has become a hub of terror activities. It is not that Indian army cannot bring an end to terror activities, given a chance, our army has the capacity to end every terror activity in Kashmir within a week and bring normalcy in the state. But the state governments which have been ruling since 30-40 years have been hand in glove with terror elements and openly speak against India. So, the biggest hindrance is the political parties who have protected these Jihadis.

Even when there is BJP government in Jammu Kashmir, not much drastic change has been noticed and they have remained mute on most atrocities against Hindus which has angered the people of Jammu who voted for them.

Despite there have been various terror incidents recently, the Home ministry passed an order to Cease Fire during Ramzan which irked the Indian Army who is risking their life everyday to bring peace in the state.

Why HMO India is wrong is ordering Cease Fire!

The HMO has shown a goodwill and respect to the Islamic terrorist and given them a chance to realise. But what HMO doesn’t realise is the terrorists do not care about Ramzan or any festival in their path to achieve Jihad. The only festival terrorists celebrate is killing innocents.

Home Ministry which thought that there wouldn’t be any terror attacks should first check this report.

A study conducted by Global Terrorism Database shows that the number of terror attacks increases rampantly during the Ramzan festival. It says there is 6% increase in terror attacks and the killing during Ramadan days is 17% higher.  The study had collected data of terror attacks world wide which showed that in a Muslim dominated country, the terror attacks were more during Non-Ramzan days, but where the Muslims are in Minority, the terror attacks are much higher during Ramzan days. In Bangladesh, Iran and Lebanon the number of attacks during Ramadan/ Ramzan is over 50% lower than during non-Ramadan days. In Israël it’s over 200% higher, in Egypt over 100% during Ramadan (Data Graver).

In the year 2016, an Islamic State spokesman explicitly encouraged worldwide attacks against non-Muslims, supported by details of how to inflict mass casualties. As a result, 200 people were killed in Bagdad, and 40 people were killed in Turkey during Ramzan. A total of 400 attacks were reported across 16 countries during Ramzan month.

In 2017, the situation turned even worse. In first 3 weeks of Ramzan, the ISIS killed over 300 people across 12 countries according to SITE Intelligence Group, an organization that tracks terrorist groups online. The toll increased as terror attacks continued in London which killed 48 people and hundreds in Afghanistan and Iran.

The main reason behind increased terror attacks during Ramzan is that terror organisation believe killing during Ramzan will have a higher reward. It is said that terrorist are taught to kill people especially during Ramzan to please God better.

Muslim holy month – in which the Quran says good deeds are “given manifold reward” 


So, now it is clear that during Ramzan no terrorists would want to take a break from his killing activities, but would rather want to increase to get more rewards from God. The Home Minister will now have to understand implementing cease-fire will only help terrorists and anti-National elements to prepare well for the attack and kill more innocents and Indian army men.

It is better Home Minister realises that peace talks is not the language the Pakistani terrorists understand and should stop agreeing to every request made by Mehabooba Mufti who is nothing less than a terror sympathizer.

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