Why naxals, Maoists and leftists feel threatened under the Modi government, why are they going desperate?

For any country, the big threat to National security comes from terrorists or neighboring countries which would try to dominate over the other. But when the enemies are within the country, the threat gets more serious. India is unfortunate to have both external and internal threats.

One of the biggest security threat in India is the Naxals and Maoists who have flourished since 50 years. These Naxals and Maoists who started their movement in the name of poor and downtrodden, used these innocent people to secure their spot. With the leftist ideology of pseudo-liberalism and socialism, they literally destroyed the lives of tribals and backward class. Their anti-National agenda became the sole base for their existence.

The reason they flourished was because they started receiving heavy funding from foreign agencies and especially Christian missionaries from outside who wanted to break India using faulty lines along caste, religion, language, North-South divide and ethnicity. It is very well known since the time West intruded into India, the sole aim of these people was conversion. While the Islamic terrorism is more open and violent, the Christian missionaries are silent and more dangerous. The missionaries target backward class, tribals and poor, making them believe that Christianity is a much superior religion and promise them of providing jobs, food and shelter. Once they fall in their trap, these missionaries use them for all anti-National activities like going against Indian army, police and state.

The North Eastern states have become a victim of this Naxal activity since decades which was the main reason for their underdevelopment. The Maoists and Naxals launched armed fights in every nook and corner of the states which made it almost impossible for the state police to control the menace. This was the main reason why Armed forced were deployed in the state. According to central government data, the number of soldiers killed in Naxal attack is more than the soldiers killed in Kashmir.

These Naxals get maximum protection from their friends in urban areas who are referred to as Urban Naxals. They are not ground workers but are highly educated and are employed in top-class universities and institutes. Their main job is to sabotage any Anti-Naxal operation any government takes. They co-ordinate with funding activities from India and abroad and galvanize like-minded people to rage war against India. Starting from journalists to lawyers to professors to human rights activists, these people have infiltrated in every department including Educational institutes and play a key role in misguiding the nation writing articles, making provocative videos, twisting history and creating hatred against Nation.

They are very keen of spreading the Anti Hindu propaganda with an aim to reject the native culture and rich tradition of our Nation and infiltrate the minds with Christianity. The Missionaries are mainly benefited with violence in the name of SC/ST, tribals and minority. They collect massive funds in the name of rehabilitation for riots victims. According to OneIndia report based on a book written by Rajiv Malhotra, the funding comes from various sources including churches, convent schools, vocational training institutes associated with missionaries and mainly through NGOs.

Amar Bhushan who was the Ex RAW official, gave a statement to One India in which he has said that after Modi government came to power, the funding for Naxals have been reduced massively and all their sources have been squeezed. This is the main reason why the Naxals and left parties have gone desperate to remove BJP from centre for their survival. Their desperation may lead to an aggressive attack against India and more violence. Bushan says that Urban Naxals are more dangerous than all as they have details of every activity the government does and have massive support from international organisation and media. He says they are potential enough to sabotage the anti-Naxal operation of government.

One India reported that Bushan says central government has taken no-nonsense approach towards any sort of anti-National activities which is why the naxals are shaken like never before. A recent report from the central government had shown that out of 96 Naxal affected area, over 46 are now naxal free.


Bushan also said that it was not easy to fight against Naxals but the central government was breaking the back of these criminals. But if the current government doesn’t come back to power in 2019, then there are chances that the Naxal activity may bounce back like never before reported OneIndia.

Courtesy: With Credits to Vicky Nanjappa

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