Why there is an effort to portray Muslims as a hero in any brutal attack on Hindus by communal forces?

Have you noticed a trend where a Muslim is projected as a hero even without knowing the reality? Yes, Hindus never get an opportunity to express that they are hurt because some other unnecessary issue will be floated so that the pain of Hindus will seem mild.

Terror attack on Amarnath Pilgrims!!!

Recently, Amarnath pilgrims were brutally attacked by the terrorists which resulted in the death of 8 people. But what started trending on the media is that a Muslim man (driver)  saved several Hindu pilgrims lives. Even Shah Rukh Khan tweeted about this. It is really an appreciable act but the media didn’t highlight the bravery of the son of the bus owner who took bullet injuries but still motivated the driver to drive the bus.

Another important fact that wasn’t highlighted is that when one of the terrorist tried to enter the bus, a crew member of the bus pushed him out. Remember that the terrorist had gun along with him. But the media opted to make only one man a hero because of his religion.

No one spoke of how the terrorists attacked the pilgrims. How can the terrorists locate the pilgrims without local intelligence? This indicates that some of the Kashmiris helped the terrorists.

What we heard in the press meet was that, “Kashmiriyat, Kashmiriyat, Kashmiriyat” from the mouth of J&K CM and few other leaders who love Pakistan as much as or probably more than India. Where was this Kashmiriyat when the Kashmiri Pandits were driven out of the valley? Food for thought!!!


Murder of RSS worker in Mangalore!!!

When attack on minorities is carried on, the entire battalion of Hindu leaders will be arrested and harassed by the government. But in Mangalore, month has passed, but the murderers of Sharath Madivala are not captured. The Hindu fraternity have lost trust on the Karnataka government on this matter. From the day one, it was clear that the murder was done by Jihadi power that didn’t want RSS to empower Hindus.

After the attack on Sharath, he was taken in an auto of a Muslim driver by one of his friend. But the media ignored his Hindu rescuer and focused only on the Muslim. By doing this, the media was successful in reducing the intensity of protests against the communal powers.

Hence, the murder of RSS worker failed to gain nationwide attention unlike how Junaid’s death got.

Gorakhpur tragedy and its links with Dr Kafeel Khan!!!

The recent addition to this was that of “Gorakhpur Tragedy”. When dozens of parents were shedding tears for the loss of their dear ones, the media was busy in blaming it on Yogi Government. Soon another trend was started and that was making DR Kafeel Khan as the hero.

Some hidden forces or may be Kafeel himself were promoting “sponsored stories” in the websites and even in news channels. Some even went ahead and expressed happiness for he being a Muslim.

It didn’t take much time to expose the reality. It was later found that he was the one responsible to look after the oxygen supply but he opted to negotiate with the oxygen supplier for commission.

Now, when the reality was exposed, the twitter warriors tried to project that Kafeel Khan is been targeted for being a minority and for helping the innocent children.

People need to recognize this trend carried on by hidden forces to malign Hindu community that works very systematically.

Nishika Ram