Yesterday I was not ashamed of being a Hindustani….. But Today I am, Why?

Why there is selective outrage on rape cases?Is it an attempt to defame Hinduism?

A rape happens every two minutes in the world and it is not only terrifying but also devastating to the women that this had happened to them. These ladies are not victims, they are survivors. A victim is someone who is not strong enough to deal with the turmoil of the aftermath but when you are able to hold your head high and speak up for yourself and others and hopefully will make a difference.

But one thing that is not understandable is, Why there is selective outrage on some cases of rapes? Why is the country targeted as not the safest place to live in? Why a rape also becomes a political issue, with the dynamics of religion, caste and misogyny shaping the public debate over the problem?

What happened in Kathua was not ‘first of its kind’. Many similar rape cases with child even with infants have happened in the country. This selective outrage is phenomenal. In no time, some ‘self-proclaimed’ secular and liberal journalists, politicians and celebrities joined hands with Muslims separatists of Kashmir to make this entire outrage an outrage against Hindus and Hindu religion. They all started blaming Hindus and Hinduism without a second thought. Sagarika Ghose, Rajdeep Sardesai, Swara Bhaskar etc were clearly targeting Hindus!

There are so many other cases of rapes like this, that has shook the country but  “Why are not all rapes equal”?  What did we as Indians do? We found out the religion of this girl. The whole bollywood is expressing their grief for the girl. Why we Indians and this bollywood only respond and express grief when the Survivor(I wish she was) is from a particular community. Why selective outrage?

Ironically, there is no such outrage against Muslims when they did similar heinous crimes against Hindu girl child. Just before Kathua, many Muslim rapists were caught for raping minor girls. This tweet from March listed such Muslim rapists:

Recently rape also happened in Assam and in Bihar. However, I didn’t find a single tweet from Bollywood or media coverage on this except few. There is no concern for a heartbroken and desperate Dalit man whose minor daughter was allegedly abducted by a Muslim youth last June, and has been in captivity ever since in Kolkatta, West Bengal.  None of journalist, secular, leftist said anything about it. It is the height of hypocrisy, when no one even questioned this. Do you know why? Because the girl belonged to Majority community and the rapist belonged to a minority community. In Assam, the girl was murdered after gangrape by the people from minority community whereas in Bihar a 6-year-old girl was raped by a Minority community member.


Rahul Gandhi held a midnight March ONLY n ONLY for Asifa !!! Why he did not find the Hindu victim of Sasaram  Bihar or Assam worthy of getting justice?

On 14 March 2015, a 71-year-old nun was allegedly gang-raped in Ranaghat, West Bengal by intruders at Convent of Jesus and Mary. The six intruders were recorded on CCTV during their crime of ransacking the chapel, destroying religious items, looting cash and the gang rape. Six men were arrested and charged with the crime by 1 April 2015, and identified to be Bangladeshi Muslims. At that time no outrage was there, Why? We Indians and this Bollywood in trying to be secular haven’t given our voices behind these Survivors. These activists say they stand for humanism, but won’t utter a word? I ask why? Aren’t they our daughters, sisters, mothers?

Why have we Indians and this Bollywood become accustomed to the pains given to the majority? Moreover in case of Unnao rape case too, Indians and Bollywood have got up from sleep after an year. Isn’t that hypocrisy? To be true, it isn’t about the religion. We need to know the motives of these politically inclined people and the benefits they derive and how collectively they are destroying the trust of the people and making them feel betrayed.

There are some who may think I am bringing Religion in this matter. To all those people, Do you know the meaning of hypocrisy? I am trying to show this hypocrisy of questioning as per your convenience and being selective. The purpose of highlighting this is not to show Hindu-Muslim or any other thing. It’s just to bring to the notice of people the other rapes. I just wish that people don’t ignore these people and they too get justice. Every hour 4 rapes are reported and what we see on TV is a minuscule of what is happening on the ground. More than 10000 of rapes happen in a year, don’t you think these people also need our support? This can only happen when we don’t do selective outrage and don’t see everything through the lenses of Religion.

Every such crime is a crime against humanity and every criminal, irrespective of his religion must be punished. But this designed outrage targeting Hindus has hidden political agenda. They may not get their political agenda by blaming entire Hindu faith for this crime of some individuals, however pinning these particular crimes against a girl child on all Hindus and entire Hinduism faith, these people have done a great harm to the cause.

Rather than focusing on the fact that a child was abused and murdered, the discussion appears to have taken a different turn. The matter has turned into a Hindu versus Muslim debate in the country. Criminals are still not scared of the rule of law. And political parties continue to exploit the situation for their own benefit. Six years ago, the BJP was in opposition and condemned the Delhi gang rape in every possible way. Today, the Congress party is doing the same.

Rape is the most heinous crime against humanity. Such rapists must be given the highest punishment possible. Always demand the toughest legal punishment for the rapist if found guilty, but do not fall for the nonsense that prestitutes, bollytards and fake liberals are perpetrating. They want you to (Wrongly) believe that India is a country of Rapists, a rape capital, and that the Devi worshipping Hindus are the chief reasons for this. All these reasons are false. There is a hand of Breaking India forces in these sudden focus and outrage over rape cases.

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