Why this “Pakistani agent” is secretly entering into Rahul Gandhi’s office? Congress is completely nailed after this video surfaced!

I know that the Indians won’t even be surprised if a terrorist walks out of the office of Rahul Gandhi. Today, one such incident has been exposed where a Pakistani agent was seen walking out of the Congress office without any fear. What was even more hilarious is that, days ago, Rahul Gandhi’s party had even claimed that they have distanced from this “Pakistani agent”.

Who is the Pakistani Agent who entered Rahul Gandhi’s office?

Do you remember that Rahul Gandhi’s party had suspended Manishankar Aiyar from the party for calling PM Modi as a “Neech Aadmi” (Low level human)? But can you believe that the same man who was once said that was suspended from the party was seen royally entering Rahul Gandhi’s office.

WATCH!!! Former Congress Leader Mani Shankar Aiyar enters the AICC Headquarters

Did you know that this Pakistani agent is writing speech for Rahul Gandhi’s election rallies?

“Insider admits on video that Mani Shankar Aiyar is writing speeches for Rahul Gandhi for North East campaign!! If true it shows the soft corner Rahul has for Mani uncle – Rahul applauded for him despite chaiwala jibe on PM Narendra Modi”, said Congress leader Shehzad Poonawalla.

For making “neech” comment, Rahul Gandhi had said that “The BJP and PM routinely use filthy language to attack the Congress party. The Congress has a different culture and heritage. I do not appreciate the tone and language used by Mr Mani Shankar Aiyer to address the PM. Both the Congress and I expect him to apologise for what he said”.

But today, it is clear that Rahul Gandhi was just trying to fool the people. Infact, he has encouraged the goon who abused the Prime Minister of India.

BJP spokesperson Shazia Ilmi bashed Congress for supporting the Pakistani agent by saying “Mani Shankar Aiyar’s sympathies lie with the separatist and the Hurriyat Leaders much more than the Armed forces”.

Manishankar Aiyar had said that “This man (PM Modi) is a low-life person, he isn’t cultured… at this moment why does he need to practise such dirty politics?

But PM Modi responded to this saying, “They can call me ‘neech’. Yes, I am from the poor section of society and will spend every moment of my life to work for the poor, Dalits, tribals and OBC communities. They can keep their language, we will do our work”.

Here are few other anti-national and cheap comments made by senior Congress leader Manishankar Aiyar!

“I love Pakistan, because I love India. Love thy neighbour as thyself. Love Thy Neighbour: India-Pakistan Relations. There is only one way of resolving India-Pakistan issue and that is by an uninterrupted and uninterruptible dialogue. Islamabad has accepted the policy of continuous dialogue but New Delhi has not. Pakistan has improved drastically in its approach towards its neighbours but India has changed but very marginally”, this was how he praised Pakistan and insulted India in the Pakistan soil on February 2018.

This Congress leader had even begged Pakistan’s help to defeat PM Modi in the elections. He said “The first and the foremost thing is to remove Modi. Only then can the talks move forward. We have to wait for four more years. They (panelists) are all optimist and that we can move forward when Modi sahab is there, but I don’t think so. Bring us (the Congress) back to power and remove them. There is no other way (to better the relations). We will remove them, but till then you (Pakistan) have to wait”.

Hansika Raj


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