Why Yogeshwar Dutt is a Yogi in True Sense

No one must have been more upset than Yogeshwar Dutt, when the Men”™s Wrestling Contingent came back from Rio 2016 empty-handed. He had won a Bronze Medal in the previous Olympics and was hoping that his last attempt at an Olympic Medal would result in atleast a repeat performance.

A complete Desh Bhakt, he has protested unjust remarks of celebrities in the past. But he was silent when Shobha De passed her insulting comment on our Olympic Contingent. On the 29th of August, he got information that his Olympic Bronze Medal had been upgraded to Silver, because the wrestler who had won it, failed the dope test. The interesting fact was that this wrestler, Besik Kudukov had passed away on 29th December, 2013 in a car crash and his urine was recently re-tested for banned substances.

In comes Humanity “¦ Yogeshwar Dutt in his tweets says, “Besik Kudukhov was a good wrestler. His failing his dope test after his death, is very sad news. I respect him as a wrestler.” Then he goes on to say, “It would be respectful to his family if they are allowed to retain his medal. To me, human compassion is above all.”

Yogeshwar Dutt”™s Twitter handle is @DuttYogi. How apt ! He is a true Yogi. I don”™t know if this incident will melt the heart of our presstitues or Shobha De or the various Politicians who only fete sportspersons so that they can give useless speeches. But I surely think that Yogeshwar Dutt”™s Silver Medal turned into a Gold ““ the colour of his Golden Heart. And all those people who still don”™t understand why India is still considered the Spiritual Capital of the world, this is the reason.

Rati Hegde