WikiLeaks reveal “Congress party played religious politics after 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks”

It is a known fact that how the Congress party had tried to blame the RSS for the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks even though the world knew that the mastermind behind the killing of nearly 200 Indians was Pakistan and its Army.

Not just blaming on RSS for the terror attack but the Congress party had tried to create rift between religions in India and this was confirmed by leaked US cables.

WikiLeaks had released a confidential memo by the then U.S. Ambassador to India, David Mulford in which he claimed “The Congress party, after first distancing itself from the comments (of Antulay, the then Minority Affairs Minister), two days later issued a contradictory statement which implicitly endorsed the conspiracy. During this time, Mr. Antulay’s completely unsubstantiated claims gained support in … Indian—Muslim community”. This he had written in his secret cable to the State Department on December 23, 2008.

He added “Hoping to foster that support for upcoming national elections, the Congress Party cynically pulled back from its original dismissal and lent credence to the conspiracy. The Indian—Muslim community will continue to believe they are unfairly targeted by law enforcement and that those who investigate the truth are silenced”.

Exposing the caste politics of Congress, David Mulford said “The entire episode demonstrates that the Congress Party will readily stoop to the old caste/religious—based politics if it feels it is in its interest”.

Speaking on how the so called saffron terror angle had created a fake narrative in the minds of Indians, especially the Muslims, David Mulford said “The party chose to pander to Muslims’ fears, providing impetus for those in the Muslim community who will continue to play up the conspiracy theory”.

One should also note that this shocking revelation that was made by the WikiLeaks was never denied by the US authorities. Even the world knows that the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks that took place in 2008 was a conspiracy of Ajmal Kasab and gang. But a book titled 26/11 : RSS ki Sazish was written by Aziz Burney (Editor-in-Chief of Urdu Sahara newspaper) and it was released by the then Congress General Secreatary Digvijay Singh on Dec 6, 2010 in Delhi.

Source:The Hindu

Hansika Raj