Wikileaks reveals 3 attempts were made to kill Sanjay Gandhi before his plane crash!

The death of Sanjay Gandhi is one the most mysterious event in the history of India. His death was the biggest turning point in the Gandhi family which brought Rajiv Gandhi into politics.

The wikileaks which is known for exposing some of the best kept secrets in the world, had revealed untold story about Sanjay Gandhi’s death. The wikileaks documents which was released in 2013, said that there were 3 attempts made to kill Sanjay Gandhi during emergency. The report suggests that in one of the attempt, a high powered rifle was used during his visit in Uttar Pradesh.

In a September 1976 dispatch, the US embassy had submitted a report to the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, that her son faced assassination threat by unknown assailant. The data said that during emergency period, 3 attempts were made with a well planned team.

On August 30 or 31 Sanjay Gandhi was shot three times but he escaped without major injuries says the clandestine source. Although it says Sanjay Gandhi was injured to some extent, but doesn’t mention the nature of injuries or where he was hit, this report was supposedly given by the Indian Intelligence.

“According to Indian intelligence, this is the third attempt on the younger Gandhi’s life,” which will be eventually blamed on the revolutionary forces sponsored by foreign powers.

A telegraphic summary provided by US intelligence to the state department on September 6, 1976 mentions about the UP assassination attempt on Sanjay Gandhi, “The information concerning the incident is under tight control at present, but the attack will eventually be blamed on revolutionary elements sponsored by outside powers.” But even though Indira Gandhi’s government was in power, no attempt was made to investigate the case. Instead the Congress denied all charges.

In 1977, after the Congress government was defeated following the Emergency period, the Janata party which came to power submitted a report that there was no information regarding the assassination attempt on Sanjay Gandhi. Very strangely Sanjay Gandhi was killed in air crash on June 23, 1980 soon after the Congress came back to power following internal disputes in the Janata Party.

The investigation conducted said that malfunction in the plane caused the accident and no further details was revealed. However many speculations surround Sanjay Gandhi’s death mystery which suggests an insiders hand, but no evidence was found later.

These documents reveal that somebody wanted to eliminate Sanjay Gandhi and this just did not start in 1980 but was being planned since many years.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Three-attempts-were-made-to-kill-Sanjay-Gandhi-WikiLeaks/articleshow/19485275.cms

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