WIKILEAKS: Shocking Revelations Show UPA Government Wanted to Surrender Siachen to Pakistan!

We may have seen various scams, corruptions, loot, riots but never had we heard that India had got a Prime Minister like Manmohan Singh who wanted to gift away the Siachen Glacier to Pakistan.

YES, this is the most shocking news that Wikileaks has disclosed recently. The report says that Manmohan government which was terribly incompetent in handling Pakistan issue and violence in Jammu and Kashmir, attacks on Indian Embassy in Afghanistan had decided to give up Siachen to Pakistan as a goodwill gesture.

This was planned, so Pakistan would stop ceasefire violation which will give Sonia Gandhi a lasting legacy of bringing peace in the region. This is regarded as most shameful and suicidal strategy in the history of India. This entire plot was averted by innumerable efforts of the Army leadership.

If at all, this plan had been executed, India could never have overcome the catastrophic effect, Pakistan would have occupied Siachen Glacier like it did in Kargil which would have given them a complete dominance over Kashmir. Things would not have stopped there as Pakis would have expanded their base further which would have caused irreparable damage to India.

When Pakistan illegally entered Kargil it took hell lot of intelligence and hard work to get Siachen back to us. More than 500 Indian soldiers lost their lives. During Operation Meghdoot in 1984 more than 890 soldiers had sacrificed their lives protecting our land.

How did Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh even think of stabbing our soldiers and insulting their supreme sacrifice?? Such huge decision of compromising National interest could not have come without Pakistan”™s involvement and understanding with the UPA government.

It is well-known fact that UPA had put National Security at stake in every aspect. Even today we have seen many of their leader”™s close association with Ex-ISI heads of Pakistan and leaders of many terrorist organizations. There is a section in media, Congress and intellects who have constantly trying to show India in poor light. They are being funded by international terror agencies to hold meetings in colleges to mis-guide youths, create riots, violence in India. The same gang has been part of every Anti-National activity.

Wikileaks States:   “The Indian Army has drawn a line with its political leadership. It has told the GOI that withdrawal was tantamount to ceding the area to Pakistan due to the difficulty of retaking it should Pakistan occupy it. Instead, the GOI is attempting to “soften” the issue by proposing joint military projects such as environmental clean up or trekking. There has been no Pakistani response to these suggestions”

It is the most heinous act of a democratically elected government to surrender to an enemy country just because they were unable to handle the situation. We could have forgotten anything Manmohan Singh did in corruption, but can we ever forgive such a shameless act of the govt?!

The weak policy towards Pakistan and China since 10 years, non-purchase of military equipment’s and huge scams in military deals and total neglect of the armed forces had made our soldiers morally and mentally weak.

After Narendra Modi government took over, within a span of 6-7 months he cleared most of the military purchase orders and deals…WHY??? Because Indian Army and Air Force had severe shortage of ammunitions which posed huge threat to our country. Whenever our soldiers kill terrorists in Kashmir, certain section in media and Congress go hue-cry over the issue, racking up illogical Human Rights Violations episode….Why? Because these are the same lobby who are enjoying their life with huge money and power under the hands of traitors.

They never want Kashmir issue to be solved, there are many moles within the government, media and political parties who are hand in glove with Pakistan. These people will in future too pose serious threat to our Country unless they are tackled.

Ten years of negligence has put India in a tight spot, it needs to handle every issue tactically and meticulously. Even though people demanded immediate strike back after Uri attack, Modi should not do blunder, because our Impatience should not lead to a Strategic Mistake which will cause more bad than good.

Aishwarya S **