Will Barkha Dutt join Arnab’s new venture Republic TV”? read what she said!

Barkha Dutt is always known to bully many twitteratis for questioning her hypocrisy or sympathy towards anti National elements like separatists and terrorists. But however she also gets exposed and trolled badly for her double standards.

Recently after she quit NDTV, many people were asking whether she would start her own venture just like Arnab Goswami, some even wanted to know if she is going to join hands with Arnab in Republic TV. It is well known that after Arnab Goswami targeted the Anti Nationals who shouted Bharat Ki Barbhadi, Pakistan Zindabad in JNU last year, few journalists from the lutyens club were not happy since they had campaigned behind people like Kanhaiya Kumar and all those people who chanted slogans against India. After the surgical strike and killing of Burhan Wani, Arnab Goswami had directly targeted many journalists who had spoken against the killing and called them hypocrites, pseudo journalists and pseudo liberals. This had enraged Barkha, who got into vocal spat with Arnab. Every since this incident happened, there is cold war going on between the two.

However, Arnab Goswami has gained huge support of people for his strong stand against Anti Nationals and terrorists, while Barkha Dutt and many other elite class people lost their popularity and NDTV’s viewership record fell below 2%.

Barkha Dutt who remained silent on the question whether she will start a new venture or join Goswami’s new channel, replied taking a dig at Arnab.

Barkha Dutt in her tweet called Arnab Goswami “The Trump” of TV which gave fodder to Arnab supporters and started trolling Barkha.

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