Will BJP make a come back in 2019, will Modi be the Prime Minister again, Republic TV-C Voter biggest survey!

4 years after Modi government came to power, the Republic Tv and the C voter has conducted a massive survey through out India. The National approval ratings were done with the help of C Voter’s Yeshwant Deshmukh.

Now the big question is will BJP be able to retain power at the centre in 2019 general elections???

A state wise survey indicates…..

Andaman and Nicobar Islands: NDA to retain seat; make gain in voteshare

Chhattisgarh | UPA projected to gain 6 more seats than 2014; NDA’s seatshare to dip

Chandigarh | NDA projected to retain seat


Assam | 9-seat projection for NDA; UPA projected to lose seat

Arunachal Pradesh | NDA projected to get both seats

Bihar | NDA projected to gain 5 seats over 2014 tally; UPA projected to lose 3 seats

Andhra Pradesh | Jaganmohan Reddy’s party has the edge with 13 seats; 12-seat projection for NDA.

Dadra & Nagar Haveli | NDA projected to retain seat

Daman & Diu | NDA projected to retain seat

Delhi | NDA projected to retain all 7 seats

GOA | NDA projected to retain both seats

Gujarat | NDA to lose 3 seats; UPA to gain 3 seats

Haryana | 8-seat projection for NDA. INLD projected to lose 1 seat

Himachal Pradesh | NDA projected to retain all 4 seats

J&K | NDA projected to get 4 seats vs 6 in 2014; UPA to get 2 seats

Jharkhand | NDA projected to lose 5 seats vs 2014; UPA to gain 4 seats

Karnataka | NDA to gain 5 more seats vs 2014; UPA loses 4 seats vs 2014

Kerala | UPA to retain 12 seats; LDF to lose 1 seat vs 2014

Madhya Pradesh | NDA to lose 4 seats vs 2014; UPA to gain 4 seats

Lakshadweep | UPA to retain seat

Maharashtra | 44-seat projection for NDA; UPA set to lose 4 seats

Odisha | NDA to gain 12 seats; BJD seats to drop to 8 vs 20 in 2014

North East: NDA projected to win all seats in Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Nagaland

Puducherry: Lone seat swings to UPA

Punjab | UPA projected to gain 6 seats; NDA to lose 4 (BJP 1, SAD 3); AAP to lose 2 seats

Rajasthan | UPA projected to gain 5 seats; NDA to retain 20 seats vs 25 in 2014


Over all the NDA is set to win 335 seats while Congress is said to win 89 seats if elections are held today. PM Modi has retained his popularity with people expressing trust in his governance.

Credit and Source: Republic TV!