Will BJP win the Assembly Elections in Karnataka ? What is the master strategy of PM Modi to demolish Congress party?


After the outcome of the results of Gujarat elections, now the hot topic of the town is the upcoming “Karnataka elections 2018”. The close fight cleared by the BJP in Gujarat has now alerted. And this Karnataka election has now become the prime attention of both the major parties BJP as well as Congress.

BJP has started looking towards Karnataka which is generally considered to be the gateway to south politics by many political strategists. Unlike, other parts of India, Southern politics are probably the most interesting and unpredictable one. The minimal effect of Modi’s wave during 2014 Lok Sabha elections evidenced the same.

However, with the close tie situation in the Gujarat elections, there seems to be a lack of strategy implementation by the BJP party. Well, let’s look in detail can BJP win Karnataka elections 2018?

Undoubtedly, BJP will have a tough fight in Karnataka and this will be a triangular fight along with Congress and JDS. Gujarat was a direct fight between the Congress and the BJP. Whereas in Karnataka we will see a three way contest due to the presence of the Janata Dal (Secular) or the JDS. Only a fool would discount the JDS from the equation. The JDS has a strong presence in the Kaveri belt and the party is known to be “a party led by kingmakers” none other than former Prime Minister H.D Deve Gowda and son H.D Kumaraswamy.

If we consider the performance of Siddaramaiah government in Karnataka, the victory for BJP in Karnataka seems to be an easy task. But the BJP government has indeed failed to bring out the shortcomings of Congress government in Karnataka. In spite of the repeated poor performance from the past 5 years, Congress has stood strong in the Karnataka province. People are now regretting their decision of standing with Congress. But what will be their decision in the upcoming elections is unknown and unpredictable.

Flaws of INC will affect the 2018 Karnataka elections!

Karnataka being listed to be one of the most corrupted state (as per survey conducted by CMS India Corruption study) and scams at regular intervals under congress rule added flames to the issue. Govindaraju’s diary project, which was dropped unceremoniously after clearly exposing the Congress high command had actually mutilated and damaged the Congress government casting an arrogant face of state’s leadership.

Bengaluru’s steel flyover project and the havoc created ad hoc in the only big state with Congress’s power. “With Congress record of scams increasing, BJP’S distance to victory is decreasing”.

All in all, there is no clear stand to say which party’s flag may fly high. It is clear that there is no easy situation for any party. One side is the efficient strategist Amit Shah with Modi’s wave on hype followed by strong local leaders. On the other hand are the incumbent rulers with diplomatic and silent strategies, and strong local leaders with good track records. Unlike the win-win situation created in Gujarat in spite of congress’s loss, there won’t be such case here, both the parties are equally poised and have equal chances for victory.

So either win or loss!! As per the surveys conducted up till now, 43%is expected for Congress and 43% is expected to BJP leaving the rest to Janata Dal. As JDS is expected to join hands with BJP, there might be a slightly advantageous situation for BJP.

It wouldn’t be wrong if I conclude saying that the upcoming few months left will decide Karnataka’s fate. Already BJP has started it’s 84 -day plan and Congress is in its strategy to make its stand.

On an end note, there is going to be a tug of war between BJP and Congress. Karnataka’s elections are turned into a prestigious one for both Congress and BJP parties, each having its own reasons. Let’s wait and watch for other plot twists expected in the coming months. This is just the beginning of a new story to be discussed, many twists are yet awaiting.