Will Delhi soon go for ‘mini elections’, acid test for Arvind Kejriwal??

Its not been 4 years since the Delhi government came to power, but already the AAP has lost complete relevance and got into soup. Since the time Kejriwal became Chief Minister of Delhi, he has been involved in or the other controversy. Initially he made big promises to transform Delhi into a model city and assured to give all facilities to the state.

But the power hit Kejriwal was in cloud 9 and forgot about the promises made. He started off his journey believing he will soon turn into a National leader and can become the next Prime Minister of the country. Instead of working for Delhi, he turned out to be a Modi hater and started to target PM Modi on a daily basis. He went to the extent of calling Modi coward and psychopath for which he earned huge criticism. In a bid to win Punjab and Goa, he completely neglected Delhi. He wanted to spread the AAP campaign and target Modi through out India. But what happened was exactly opposite. His extreme negative and abusive nature made his unpopular among his own cadre, he became a dictator in his party and curbed all the voices which went against him.He lost many people who were part of AAP since initial days.

Huge number of scams and allegations on misappropriation of funds hit Arvind Kejriwal which dented his image big time. But the worst came when he went to the extent of questioning Indian Army after Surgical Strikes. His stance against army and PM Modi boomeranged big time for which he tried many damage control.

The expensive life style of Kejriwal, his frequent tours to abroad for holidays neglecting people of Delhi when it was hit with Chikungunya and Dengue clearly showed that Kejriwal was here for power and not to serve people.

The office of profit scam was racked up by a Prashanth P Umrao who is an activist and had filed case against the 21 MLAs in High court in 2015, noting the case, the high court had earlier set aside the order appointing the MLAs as parliament secretaries. Now, the Election Commission after verification has disqualified all the 20 MLAs for holding office for profit. Despite being MLAs, Arvind Kejriwal had appointed them as parliament secretaries which was against the rules under Indian Constitution. No elected members of the assembly can hold office which involves financial incentives,  which will otherwise lead to immediate disqualification from the assembly and huge penalty.

So now, the disqualification of 20 MLAs has come as a major blow to Kejriwal and Delhi may soon see a mini election for the 20 seats vacated. Although Kejriwal still holds majority in Assembly, this is a moral defeat for the AAP. If elections are held in near future and if Kejriwal loses more than 10 seats, it will be a major blow to him. Just few months back Kejriwal suffered a humiliating defeat in Municipal elections to BJP and since then he has stopped abusing PM Modi and kept himself away from media attention.

But now, the disqualification of his MLAs has embarrassed him to the core and has further dented his image. Delhi will have to wait for 1-2 months for the Election Commission to announce dates for the mini elections which may change the  calculations for party!

Aishwarya S