You Will Demand the Resignation of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal After Watching This!

In the video, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal speaks about the BJP, Prime Minister Narendra Modi & doesn’t even leave out religion from his extremely inflammatory & uncouth speech. He is achieving greater success in taking the political discourse to new lows each time he opens his mouth.

He says, “BJP na Hindu ki hai na Musalman ki. Arey, BJP to apne baap ki bhi nahi hai. Ye to apne baap ko bhi bechke kha jaenge.”

It’s very shameful that this man is the Chief Minister of our capital city! As time passes by & as his experience as a politician rises, he is becoming commendably skilled at ‘vulture politics’. Wherever there is an opportunity to target the BJP he is found. He is doing nothing for Delhi, & he knows it. This is the reason why he’s out of the capital for the most period so he can win some following in other states to compensate for his dismal performance in Delhi.

In the video he also says, “Desh bhar ki universities me ek ek student jaye aur is baat ko students tak pahuchaye. Jis din Modi ji ko dikh gaya unka student votebank ja raha hai Najeeb do din me wapas aa jaega.”

Now for this comment I have few questions & comments for him –

  • Why is he trying to politicise the atmosphere in universities?
  • Why – if he is so correct in his stand – does he not speak this language in some other university in some other part of the country? Why don’t you, Mr. Kejriwal, go & stand in the campus of IIT Kharagpur & deliver this speech? I’m sure they’d give an alumnus the permission to do so.
  • Again this is all shoot-and-scoot politics. For everything that happens to him or his state or anywhere in the country, Narendra Modi is to blame. I’m quite sure that the people of the country are not only fed-up, but even angry at this man’s uncivilized behaviour.

Also, it was of no surprise seeing Congress leaders sitting in the background. Their existence too lies only in targeting Narendra Modi. But I was truly surprised to see Shashi Tharoor there. What good is all the education & eloquence if you don’t have the guts to take an individual stand? I don’t have any problem with him supporting Rahul Gandhi as he belongs to the Congress party & he should back him as long as he stays in the party. But sitting like a subservient side-kick to an anarchist who holds absolutely no respect amongst the masses of the country is but a shame. Even his critics didn’t expect this from him.


Vinayak Jain