Will Hafiz Saeed become Pakistan’s next Prime Minister? What more can we expect from Pakistan?

Hafiz Saeed the dreaded terrorist who is the mastermind of Mumbai’s 26/11 attacks, could be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Yes you heard it right, itmay seem an absurd fantasy for most of the People, but it is definitely on card, and we will explain it how.

Amid turbulent political scenario in Pakistan, Hafiz Saeed has decided to register his terror outfit ‘JamaatudDawah’ as a political party after renaming it as Milli Muslim League Pakistan. He has also planned to register the Milli Muslim League Pakistan as a political party with the Election Commission of Pakistan.

Hafiz Saeed is expected to make the official announcement of Pakistan Independence Day on August 14.

This development is very crucial and significant under current circumstances, where Ex-PM Nawaz Sharif was forced to resign from the post of Prime Minister of Pakistan after a Supreme Court order. Sharif and his family was involved in Panama Gate scam and there were critical evidences against him.

On the other hand, the voice of Opposition and the only would be PM material Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf chief Imran Khan – the most vocal opponent of Nawaz Sharif – also finds himself in deep trouble after a female party colleague accused him of sending obscene messages to women workers and leaders.


Whereas Hafiz Saeed is known to have a very close relations with the Pakistani Army and the ISI. Both the organizations are known for supporting him in every endeavor and providing him Security as well.

Hafiz Saeed, has been mulling the entry into politics for some time now. In 2012, he had hinted that he may declare his outfit JuD as a political party in apress conference in Karachi. At the time there were speculations that he may contest elections either to the Punjab Assembly or the National Assembly, but his plans were failed as JuD was soon banned in Pakistan and Saeed was put on house arrest following international pressure of Pak Govt.

Earlier this week, the Pakisan’s Punjab government extended the house arrest of JamaatudDawa (JuD) chief Hafiz Mohammad Saeed for two more months.Hafiz Saeed has been placed under house arrest since January 31, when he was initially interned for 90 days. His house arrest was subsequently extended for another three months which expired on July 27.  But, now the provincial government has extended the curbs on his movement for another two months.

Hafiz Saeed is accused of masterminding several terror strikes in India including the Mumbai 26/11 attacks and fomenting violence in Jammu and Kashmir.

So if we see this development in entirety then it seems that this may be a conspiracy hatched by Pakistani Army, as they may want to assume the power and want to have a puppet Prime Minister, and Hafiz Saeed may be their best bet. If Hafiz Saeed fights and election and wins then he may get political immunity as well.

May be right or may be a fragment of imagination…..only time will tell.

Manish Sharma