What will happen if Pakistan attacks Israel?

RIP Pakistan

Israel is one such nation who have fought for their existence. They perfectly know that a loss from any nation can result in the extinction. They follow the policy of “Win or Vanish”.

There are certain reasons that an attack on Israel will be one of the impossible task for Pakistan.

  1. Israeli intelligence “MOSSAD” is highly active in countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Pakistan and in all those regions which are either threat to Israel’s national security or may be a threat in future. The military will be informed prior to the attack. Point to be noted is, Israel takes its intelligence output very seriously.
  2. Pakistan is about 3283 kms away from Israel. That means Pakistan can attack Israel with their missiles. But wait! Israel has an anti-missile defence system which can detect any missile coming in the direction of Israel and do possess an ability to completely counter the missiles with great accuracy. This idea also seems to be ruined.
  3. Pakistan has a military base in Saudi ArabiaSo it can also project a ground war on Israel with the help of Saudi Arabia. But unfortunately, Pakistani army will see no man guarding at the borders, indeed they are going to face this;

His name is Guardium. A robot equipped with cutting edge technology and 360 degree camera rotation technique which can predict any potential threat from great accuracy and do possess the power to counter it brutally. Pakistani Army are going to see God in them. And don’t forget that this vehicle is Unmanned and fully automated.

They do have McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle which is the advanced version of 15F with much greater speed.

And the come their girl Boeing AH-64 Apache, The guardian

And the come their girl Boeing AH-64 Apache, The guardian

It has a track range of 400km which easily covers the entire Israel.The Arrow 3 can intercept a ballistic missile at altitudes of over 100km and a battery of these missiles is said to be capable of intercepting 5 ballistic missiles in 30 seconds.

Here comes the famous defence system of Israel! The Iron Dome

The most famous weapon of the IDF which has very frequently been in the news is the Iron Dome interceptor system. This is a C-RAM (Counter-Rocket Artillery Mortar) missile system which uses the Tamir interceptor missile to carry out its duty. The Tamir missile has a range of 70 km and is specifically designed to destroy short-range rockets and artillery shells.

Coming to Naval Capacity, leave aside the Nuclear warships, Missile ships, Submarines etc. Look at this man! The Protector USV

srael is the first nation to develop and deploy an armed unmanned boat for surveillance and protection duties. It carries an electro-optical sensor, radar, a Typhoon stabilized remote weapons station which can be fitted with any machine gun or grenade launcher and the space wasted on the crew is here used to carry additional fuel and sensors.

These boats are deployed around harbours to conduct surveillance, investigate and engage hostile small craft. They are especially useful in Anti-Piracy duties because its high speed of 50 kts (92 km/hr.)

Yes they use No-man to protect their coasts and you are planning to a war with them? Not possible maybe.

Planning to attack Israel from land?

You will get to face these giants!

This tank has a heavy secondary armament consisting of 1×12.7 mm machine gun, 2×7.62 mm machine guns, 60 mm mortar and 12 smoke grenades. This kind of armament is useful in urban warfare where multiple machine guns and the mortar are necessary to engage infantry and concealed threats.

Have you heard about the deadliest Commando unit anytime?

The Sayeret Matkal, Black ops commando unit of Israel

Now comes the father and TL of all these units! The Israeli intelligence Mossad

I may not have to tell a lot about Mossad because half of Quora is filled with Mossad Achievements. Let me tell the probabilities here. Mossad has on of the best hacking system with them. Mossad will assassinate all the military heads in order to destabilize the Pak defence. They may even trap the Pak intelligence ISI and hack all their networks and f**k up their mind! That’s the power of Mossad!

So planning for a war with Israel, a very bad idea maybe!

RIP Pakistan.

Anurag Vasishta

Vikyath Kumar