Watch! Will India’s S-400 Missiles Checkmate Pakistan : Pakistan Media

Tremors are felt not just in case of earthquake. Especially for Pakistan, severe tremors have been felt soon after defence deals between India – Russia. Many countries have been making bilateral agreements with Russia in defence sector. Generally they will be supply of simple armoury from one of the biggest defence manufacturers of the world. But this time it’s not a simple deal! Russia has agreed to supply S – 400, an anti-aircraft missile system. That means India will be immune from air based attacks over India.

Now Pakistan has become like a bird struck in oil spilled water! Neither it can fly on its own, nor anybody can save it! The Pakistani media has been apprehensive about the defence deal.  It has shown all its fear by saying “duniya badal gayi, magar Bharat ka jangi junoon kam nahi ho sakaa”, that means world has changed but India’s obsession with war is not diminishing. Truly speaking,  India has never attacked any single county till now.  It is only building it’s defence to protect itself from timid Pakistan and other internal and external threats. This is just another example how foolish the Pakistani media is and how they are spreading enmity with India.

Probably Pakistan (elected government, army and media) had thought that India has a Prime Minister who gives good speeches and only plays emotionally with people and doesn’t have the guts to tackle through military power. So it dared to violate ceasefire and even attack on Indian airforce and army base. But now the things are turning up in totally different manner. We not only conducted surgical strikes but also removing all the supporting systems Pakistan had. When the support system is removed and the opponent has grown many fold with moral and physical strength, what else can one do apart from fluttering the wings without able to fly!!

Why India – Russia deal is so significant:
The S – 400 missile system is one of the most advanced anti – aircraft missile system that even render the US F-35 fighter jets ‘useless’! It has three different missiles to cover its entire performance envelope. These are the extremely long range 40N6, long range 48N6 and medium range 9M96 missile, hence creating a layered defence for any country that owns it. The system has 8 launchers, a control centre, a powerful radar and 16 missiles that are available for reload.

Pakistan was using the nuclear card to threaten India since quite long time. India had a powerful anti – missile system. Now the addition of S – 400 will counter even the attacks like the ones happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. So one of the major threatening tool of Pakistan can be kept in cold storage now.

Apart from the missile system, Russia, in a show of “special and privileged strategic partnership”, also agreed to sell Kamov 226T helicopters and four Krivak class stealth frigates to India. The Kamov 226T helicopters will be manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) and Rostec State Corporation of Russia under a joint production plan. These will enrich our vigilance capabilities in rough terrain of Himalayas. So infiltration will also be difficult for the Pakistani promoted terrorists and other ISI agents.

In a way, the agreement will not only strengthen India’s defend capabilities but also economy through boosting Make in India.

Dear Pakistan, India is no more the earlier silent absorber of your stupid adventurism. It’s the time to  learn lessons.



Akshara Damle