This will make you proud of PM Modi; Modi gets the respect given to Pope and US President from Israeli PM Benjamin

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed PM Modi saying “Aapka swagat hai mere dost (Welcome, my friend)”

In the history of India’s Independence, no Indian Prime Minister dared to visit Israel.  So Indians elected a man who can do extraordinary work with ease. Modi was the man who could do this and thus he came to power. Finally an Indian Prime Minister decided to visit Israel. So shouldn’t he receive a special treatment?

Israeli Prime Minister was so delighted to receive PM Modi that he broke the protocol and went to the airport to receive PM Modi. Formerly this gesture was showed only to Pope and US President.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu was so happy with PM Modi’s visit that he travelled to the airport with his entire cabinet. Later the national anthem was sung.

We were waiting for your (Indian Prime Minister’s) arrival since 70 years and we love India”, this was said by Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel went ahead and named a flower after Indian PM. Yes, The Israeli chrysanthemum will now be called `Modi’

Netanyahu later said “We love India. We admire your culture, history, democracy and commitment to progress. I am confident of the real mathematics of life, of success of our partnership for many reasons, talent of our people.”

Modi too impressed Israel in Hebrew language saying “Shalom le kulaam ani semya mayodh lehiyot po (I am delighted to be here).” Hebrew is the most widely spoken language in Israel.

This visit of PM Modi has created severe head ache to India’s enemies especially to those nations who promote terrorism. Netanyahu also said the two countries face the “common challenge of terrorism”.

Indians should never forget Israel’s help during the Kargil war when other nations denied helping India.

Nishika Ram