This will stun you : What is the link between Modi’s GST and communal Owaisi’s anti-parliament statement?

”Oh Hindustan – We are 25 crores, you are 100 crores. Remove the police for 15 minutes and we will show you who has more courage and strength. Today, I have this mike in front of me. If tomorrow I hold something else, then there will be so much of bloodshed in this country which this country has not seen in the last 1000 years”.

Indians might have forgotten and forgiven this statement as they are very tolerant. But this man frequently reminds that he is the one who uttered this statement of hatred. And the man is Akbaruddin Owaisi. He is known for his hate speech against Hindus and India. He has again made the headlines in the media by saying “Anti-Muslim laws are created in the parliament and not in streets.

He said that “The Laws that destroy Muslims are not made on roads, marketplaces or grounds but in Parliament, Assemblies and municipalities. If Muslims want and if they all come together then we will need anybody’s mercy or help or actions. Our brother himself with his brothers’ vote can win India’s 50 Parliament seats”

By saying this, he has insulted Indian Parliament. The parliament knows no religion but he has tagged it as anti-Muslims.

There is a rising need to ban this AIMIM legislator Akbaruddin Owaisi to maintain the integrity of the nation or else the gap between religions will go extreme that communal harmony will never be possible.

Is Akbaruddin Owasis scared that GST will put an end to his black money?

Modi’s master stroke, GST has made Owaisi shiver because many will come under the tax payers list. The statement of Akbaruddin comes after a couple of days the GST was implemented. In his speech he said that anti-Muslim laws are passed in the Parliament. So indirectly he points his finger on the implementation of GST. He has realised that he can’t fund anti-national activities like before.

So is Akbaruddin Owasis scared of GST? Is he haunted by the fact that all his illegal financial business will come to an end?

Why isn’t he sent to jail for his hate speech?

Kamlesh Tiwari was arrested in Dec 2015 for insulting a certain religion’s prophet and has been in jail. But why not Owaisi arrested? Why is he still roaming free?

He totally disrespected the Indian Parliament in a bid to claim vote in the name of religion. He is using the Muslim voters to fulfil his agenda. He in the past has justified the terror attacks, hurt Hindu sentiments but is still roaming free. If this continues, one day he will be a threat to India like Syed Salahuddin and hafeez Sayeed.

Look at this statement “Terror attacks happened, bomb blasts happened – they were wrong. But Oh Hindustan if you had not allowed destruction of Babri Masjid, then the bomb blasts at Mumbai would also not have happened. Every action has a reaction. I am only for Muslims. We will think about secularism only after Babri masjid is rebuilt, says Akbaruddin Owaisi.

He is pro-terrorist, until when will he roam free on the Indian soil? He is no different from the terrorists.

Terrorists use guns and Owaisi use his tongue as a weapon which is more dangerous than rifles.

Nishika Ram