Will PM Modi’s Demonetization Drive Help BJP Win the Fierce Battle of UP Elections 2017???

Those who say that demonetization was done keeping in mind the upcoming UP election are either purposely trivializing the move or they don’t know much about Indian politics. Irrespective of the fact that Prime Minister Modi’s demonetization move was a path-breaking one it was a huge political gamble, especially in view of the upcoming polls.

The impact of demonetization will be seen in the UP election & the signs are there.

  • Mulayam Singh & Mayawati are extremely perturbed with the move & are constantly demanding a rollback. This shows that they fear a negative impact on their prospects in the election due to demonetization.
  • Both these leaders are claiming that the poor are extremely inconvenienced. Yes, the common man faced problems but they aren’t complaining. There haven’t been any genuine reports of people protesting against demonetization. This means that the people on the ground in UP are not against demonetization.
  • It is well known that Mayawati & particularly Mulayam use money to get votes. Mulayam’s ‘laptop scheme’ before every election is well-known. Such shenanigans would come to a rest after demonetization & more people will vote for the deserving candidates.
  • UP suffers with bold problems – terrible law & order, pathetic infrastructure & rampant corruption – and bold problems need bold solutions. Prime Minister’s move of demonetization might sway the people of UP towards the BJP with the hope that it will take similar bold decisions to alleviate local issues.
  • UP is a very poor state, & one of the biggest impacts of demonetization on the mindset of the poor is that for once they are relieved that the rich are suffering & that the inequality between the rich & the poor has reduced.
  • Whatever polls have been carried out suggest tremendous support in favour of demonetization.
  • In a series of tweets 5Forty3 analyzed the impact of demonetization in UP –
  • “1st round of reports from different parts of UP on demonetization suggest people have simply gone berserk in their adulation for Modi!”
  • “Ordinary Indians seem to have this unquestionable faith in Modi the leader. Perhaps no politician had evoked such faith since JP in mid 70s!”
  • “A quote from a Youth Congressi near Meerut sums it up nicely, ‘Yeh Modi kissi ka bhi saga nahi hai, desh ke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hai’

Overall it seems that the demonetization will help BJP’s chances in the UP election.

Vinayak Jain