Will PM Narendra Modi led BJP get the majority in the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections?

Out of the seven phases, India has successfully completed its polling in four phases. Even though there are three more phases to go, the political analysts and the common people have started to predict the seats that will be secured by various political parties.

Even though renowned media houses collaborate with several agencies to conduct opinion polls, it is not a secret anymore that these surveys often goes wrong. Not just it goes wrong, but sometimes it completely goes wrong.

But among various sources of predictions, the only thing that has tasted success most of the times is “Satta Bazaar” or betting. Looking at the initial tends, the satta bazaar is banking heavily on PM Modi led BJP and its alliance National Democratic Alliance’s (NDA).

Even the Agra satta bazaar has claimed that NDA is surging ahead while the Congress is performing pathetically. Nandan Guru of Belanganj area stated “So far, the wind is blowing National Democratic Alliance’s (NDA) way with a clean sweep promised. The Congress is not finding bidders. The gathbandhan (alliance) in Uttar Pradesh has good support among betting circles”.

Another person named Hari Gopal said “Punters in Bhairon Bazaar are a little cautious, treading with care, but the general trend in favour of Rahul Gandhi’s Congress is negative”.

While few in satta bazaar are thinking that NDA will secure more than the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, few more are claiming that Bahujan Samajwadi Party’s (BSP) Mayawati would join NDA after the election results are out. Well, this is something terrible for the grand alliance.

Earlier it was said that BJP’s seat share will see a dip after SP and BSP joined hands and formed the Mahagathbhandan in Uttar Pradesh, but now the Satta Bazaar is claiming that after PM Modi’s massive Varanasi road show, things have turned in favour of BJP and the saffron party will secure most of the seats in Uttar Pradesh.

Along with the satta bazaar, even the astrologers have entered into the field of predicting the 2019 Lok Sabha outcome. Vedic Sutram Chairman Pramod Gautam who had accurately predicted former US President Barack Obama’s victory, World Cup cricket results, PM Modi’s win in 2014 and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s victory in 2017 has stated that “Favourable positioning of the spiritual planet Jupiter from today in the birth chart of Narendra Modi will ensure the victory of the ruling NDA government in the coming polls. Modi is assured of overwhelming mass support. In his company, even (BJP President) Amit Shah is exuding positivity and the two together will march to victory”.

Looking at this, one can claim that PM Narendra Modi led BJP will easily cross the majority mark in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.