Will power of PM Modi achieves the Impossible! Now River Ganga is cleaner than ever due to Namami Gange Mission

Today, when you make a comparison of the water belonging to River Ganga some decades ago and the water now, the difference that you find between the two is what has improved the circumstances for Indians. Especially that lot of people depending on the sacred Ganga will make a difference to the point.

A lot has been spoken about and a many have been constantly criticizing the ‘Clean India Initiative’ of PM Narendra Modi, since the past 4 years. How many among us have actually tried and tested the changes happening in the recent times? For all those who aren’t updated here’s what has been changed.

The efforts of the Modi government and the Namami Gange Mission are giving positive and encouraging results. A team of experts from various institutes and scientific bodies, including the ISRO collected water samples from 20 points in six highly polluted river banks – Ganga Barrage, Bhaironghat, Parmat, Shuklaganj, Jajmau and Wajidpur.

The team of experts is on a two-year long project to monitor the quality of the river water. It has come to light that acquatic life in Ganga is set to flourish due to improvement in water quality of the river. Considering this improvement the level of dissolved oxygen is more than a decade. Laboratory tests of the collected water samples revealed that the dissolved oxygen stood around 2.5 milligram per litre of water and pH level was more than 8.5 milligram per litre. Experts seem to be highly satisfied by these results.

The findings of the team of experts have been corroborated by the UP Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) regional officer Kuldeep Misra with his own data. Mishra said, “At present the water quality of the river has improved due to two reasons. First, the sewers have been tapped and there is complete control over tannery waste water going into the river. This has checked the oxygen depletion both upstream and downstream.”

Let’s not step back from applauding and consider to be one of the greatest achievements of PM Modi Government and his team. And not just the Government but each one of them who has contributed towards this better tomorrow step for India. PM Modi Government has once again proved that it is the ‘Kaam’ that must do the talking and not the ‘Naam’.

The Namami Gange Mission is turning out to be stupendously successful. The incumbent government deserves to be applauded for such remarkable success. When the BJP stormed to power in 2014 and Modi government came at the helm of affairs, few would have thought that there would be such a turnaround as far as the quality of Ganga water is concerned. Given the decades of deterioration in its water quality, such an amazing turnaround was almost unthinkable but the Modi government seems to have achieved the unthinkable.

According to experts, it is clear that for the Modi government cleaning river Ganga has been one of the topmost priorities. PM Modi and his team has left no stone unturned to achieve this goal ultimately after numerous obstacles coming on their way. It has definitely been tough with the process though determination has shown its results in a tremendous way. Again we need to make it clear that, this mission is not just the task of Modi Government but each one of us must consider it as our duty towards keeping our country clean and healthier.


Efforts of Modi Government show result, Ganga cleaner than ever