Will Rahul Gandhi soon opt out from PM race for 2019 elections?

Rahul Gandhi seems to be proving the title he earned 15 years back of being RELUCTANT PRINCE once again. Rahul who jumped into politics in the year 2004, has been contesting from his home bastion Amethi which is considered safe seat for the Gandhis. But having every opportunity to occupy ministerial positions or party positions, Rahul Gandhi refused to take any responsibility for nearly 10 years and kept giving lame excuses.

This made his look like a reluctant politician who never dared to face people. Finally in 2013, due to massive criticism and questioning about his abilities, Rahul Gandhi took the post of Vice President of the Congress party. But it did not take much time for people to realise that Rahul Gandhi was totally incapable of handling the party affairs and lacked leadership qualities. After series of launching and relaunching by the Congress, Rahul Gandhi was made the President in 2017.

This man who has created Guinness record for consecutively losing elections initially projected himself to be the Prime Ministerial candidate of the Congress party.  In almost all interviews or discussions, he kept reiterating that he will not back off from being the PM candidate of the Congress party. But a report published on Sunday Guardian couple days back hints at Rahul Gandhi’s decision to withdraw from the PM candidature for the upcoming 2019 elections.

The opposition decided to form Mahaghatbandhan last year realizing that it was impossible for any party to defeat PM Modi. Rahul Gandhi wanted to be the PM candidate of the Mahaghatbandhan and wanted to project himself as the leader of the united front. However, just months after mahaghatbandhan was formed, Mayawati, Mamata Banerjee and Chandrshekhar Rao openly opposed to accept Rahul Gandhi as their leader due to his silly nature and incapability.

Mayawati was the first one to express dissent in ghatbandhan and her party men demanded that she be made the PM candidate for the 2019 elections. Similarly, Mamata Banerjee, Chandrashekhar Rao and Chandrababu NAidu who have their own ambitions of becoming PM, want their names to be projected for the 2019 elections. As a whole, the entire ghatbandhan is facing massive revolt within itself with everyone trying to push their agenda.

Amidst this situation, it is now being said that Rahul Gandhi may opt out of PM race as he would not be able to convince people like Mayawati and Mamata Banerjee of his leadership capabilities. So, Rahul Gandhi now thinks that sacrificing the PM position will gain him sympathy just like his mother claimed in 2004 and will give way for united ghatbandhan.

According to reports on Sunday Guardian, some of the leaders in Congress have advised Rahul Gandhi that  BJP-RSS was now looking for new coalitions and have a more inclusive approach before 2019 elections which could dent the chances of Congress winning elections. He has also been advised not to attack RSS openly and keep his attack only on Modi which could reap greater political dividends. It has been understood that many within the Congress were not happy with the leadership of Rahul Gandhi and they were still in the party just to get some ministerial berths and posts. These people apparently do not care if Rahul Gandhi is made the PM candidate or not.

So, Rahul Gandhi who has always been reluctant to take any responsibility has found a new reason to opt out of PM race and blame X,Y,Z person if he fails in 2019 elections. If Mahaghatbandhan succeeds, then Rahul Gandhi will make another puppet PM candidate just like how Sonia Gandhi made Manmohan Singh and rule from behind the doors looting the country in every way possible.

This method of ruling the country from back doors, has been an old Congress strategy to avoid directly getting caught in scams and loot. It was well known that the real Prime Minister in UPA era was not Manmohan Singh but Sonia Gandhi who took all decisions on behalf of government. But her name was not mentioned in any scams as she was officially not holding any government positions. The Congress may be planning a similar strategy to save Rahul Gandhi from all embarrassment. Given Rahul’s silly attitude and mindless talk, he will put himself and the Congress party in deep trouble any time.

But the development of Rahul Gandhi backing out from PM race has other strong significance that he may have accepted defeat and is looking for excuses before hand to shift the blame on others. The recent survey also showed that Modi was the most preferred PM candidate for 2019 elections and Rahul Gandhi was no match to his popularity.

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