“We will Revolt if PM Modi dare to touch Section 370 or 35A”, warns Farooq Abdullah!

Jammu & Kashmir’s Ex-CM and National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah warned of a “Revolt” if Article 35A of the Constitution, which empowers the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly to define the state’s permanent residents and their privileges, was abrogated.

“When it will come to that decision, you will see this mass rising against this attempt of Modi Government. Do not forget that when Amarnath Yatra land row happened, people rose overnight. So, 35 A will be far greater revolt and I wonder whether Modi Government will be able to hold that”.

Abdullah also mentioned that opposition parties are united on the issue and would make people aware of the fallout if the Article is done away with.

“The need was to sit together and discuss the issue of Article 35-A, because it affects the whole state — Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. So, it is very important that the people understand why we are against the abrogation of Article 35-A, because Modi government) wants to do away with our basic thing, and this is not acceptable.

We would like to state that Article 35A had come into force through a presidential order in 1954. It has been challenged in the Supreme Court by an NGO and as per the sources, Modi government is seriously weighing the options to abrogate it.

Farooq Abdullah also said that issue is in the Supreme Court which has not given its decision yet, so the parties would take the issue to the people.”We will first raise this issue among the people like we did on GST. We will put it up vociferously before the people”.

Abdullah also said that this is a conspiracy hatched by BJP and RSS conspiracy to snatch the special status of the state. The agenda of the BJP and the RSS is basically to remove the autonomous structure of this state. And we, as a united front, are going to bring this to the people so that they know the fallout. Article 35-A was for protecting the people of the state and its abrogation would have effects in all the three regions of the state whether Jammu, Kashmir or Ladakh.

Abdullah expressed his dissatisfaction over State government for poor representation before the Supreme Court after an NGO had filed a writ petition seeking the striking down of Article 35 A in 2014.

He also said that he heard that CM Mehbooba Mufti had said that if Article 35-A is removed, she will quit the chair. “I hope she stands by that statement of hers,” he said.

The National Conference leader said the chief minister should tour every region of the state and explain the fallout of the abrogation of the Article to the people.

Manish Sharma