You will ROFL if you read what reason Azam Khan gave for growing Muslim population in Uttar Pradesh!

It is natural for any state minister to worry about unemployment. But the thought has to be constructive, like a skill-India or ‘Make-in-India’ initiative. However, Azam Khan, the Uttar Pradesh Urban Development and Parliamentary Affairs Minister, has a bizarre logic. He has linked unemployment and the rising Muslim population very skillfully.

If you, like us, thought about an urban development minister putting his mind, into working for the upliftment of people, then you are wrong. Azam Khan instead, is focused on giving new logics. There is no job, so Muslim men have no work, but to contribute to increase the population of India.

And, Azam Khan blames PM Modi for his controversial thoughts. “Had Badshah (Emperor) Modi paid more heed to give Muslims employment, the Muslims would not have produced so much.” He added, “Sitting idle, Muslims have no work but to give birth to more children.”

Azam Khan’s logic doesn’t stop here. He extends his budhi to draw a communal line between Hindus and Muslims.

While trying to draw a parallel in employment between Hindus and Muslims, Khan said Hindus reproduce at a lower rate as they are employed. “If the people from the minority community get work, they won’t do so,” he also said.

Khan’s comments were in response to BJP’s Sakshi Mahajan, who said Hindus are responsible for the rapid rise in population, and in turn, the country’s problems.

BJP General Secretary Vijay Bahadur Pathak, in turn, pointed the finger at the Congress. He said, “Azam Khan should ask this question to the Congress, whom they have supported in the past and have formed an alliance with on why Muslims are still unemployed,” he said.

Why this bizarre logic is humorous and serious at the same time

Such sort of public statements may be a laughing stock on twitter, and become a material for internet humor, but if we ask ourselves morally, it is a very sorry state of affairs. There is no polarization required, as far as development (closely linked to population) is concerned. Such petty politics should be the real bar of INTOLERANCE. India is a secular country, and it has been time and again said, we should work together. However, one way or the other, especially in state politics, the issue is highlighted in a wrong context.

We acknowledge the fact that unemployment is a concern. But, Azam Khan is wrong in pointing fingers at BJP. What has Samajwadi Party done to improve the living conditions of people in UP? What initiatives have they taken towards upliftment of the society? If we compare it to thought-leadership of PM Modi, they really stand nowhere. Akhilesh has only delivered laptops to the masses, but UP has reported increase in stalking cases due to shopkeepers exchanging girl’s personal contact number, for a petty sum.

PM Modi, on the other hand, is focused towards empowering the youth, through his Digital India mission and vision. Post demonetization, there have been significant steps to improve digital literacy in India. There has also been a remarkable growth in digital logistics. People have cooperated with the government, as they feel this is the first step after 60 years of India’s independence that somebody is trying to pull corruption out of its roots.

PM Modi has also focused on Jan Dhan accounts; make-in-India initiative (to reduce our population’s dependency on agriculture by creating more manufacturing jobs); India’s defense sector has seen so much investment and achievements; start-up sector, which has created millions of jobs, has received tremendous support from PM Modi; our continued diplomatic efforts with the US has means consistent growth in IT and ITES service sector; Modi has promised private participation in Indian Railways to improve services, and bullet train will also increase economic activity by connecting two cities faster; there is infrastructure growth, farmers have been provided crop insurance, direct benefit transfer through Jan-dhan banks, and every employee in the government sector is smitten by Modi’s relentless energy to work today. What is SP doing?