Will Shashi Tharoor condemn this? Rohingya Militants Declares an Open War against Myanmar Government

Rohingya Refugees have been a big issue of contention here in India for quite a while. Indian Government has released shocking figures about Rohingya Refugees and today Bangladesh Government has also released a statement, which mentioned that Islamic Radical Terrorist Organizations are supporting Rohingya and this may be a big problem for India in Future.

While Modi government is trying hard to ensure the deportation of all Rohingya as soon as possible, our Opposition parties and few Human rights organizations are opposing this move of Indian Government. They are making awkward excuses to oppose this step of Modi Government.

However today we would like to share a shocking news from Myanmar, which will expose the real intent of Rohingyas. Myanmar Government has reported that there is a drastic increase in the number of lethal attacks by Rohingya militants on police and army posts in Myanmar’s western Rakhine State.

There was a massive attack on Myanmar Army on 25th August and the militant official said the campaign of Myanmar military suppression and the rebel counter-punch has now pushed the majority Muslim northern region of Rakhine state into a state of “open war.” He vowed “continued resistance” until Rohingya demands for the restoration of citizenship rights within Myanmar are met.

The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) which is a Militant Group of Rohingya released an official interview where their Leader identified himself simply as ‘Abdullah’, insisted that the military crackdown had gathered intensity following the reinforcement of security forces by an estimated 400 troops of the crack 33rd Light Infantry Division on August 10-11.

He said it had left the militants no choice other than to strike back in defense of civilian communities facing what he described as further killings and abuses by security forces.Involving what one Myanmar military count estimated at around 1,000 insurgents, the coordinated wave of attacks marked a dramatic improvement in ARSA’s tactical capabilities when compared with its first attacks on October 9 last year.

Same day three Border Guard Police posts were stormed leaving nine police dead and triggering a weeks-long ‘area clearance operation’ by the military which international organizations estimate left several hundred, mostly civilian, Rohingya dead, entire villages burned and some 75,000 refugees pushed across the border into Bangladesh.

It’s a security operation the United Nations believes may have involved “crimes against humanity.” The Myanmar government has consistently refused visas for a proposed UN fact-finding team.

Now a better prepared and synchronized ARSA launched an attack at around 1:00 am on August 25 struck between 25 and 30 police posts across the two northern townships of Maungdaw and Buthidaung. An army base at Taung Bazaar in northern Buthidaung also came under attack by as many as 150 insurgents, according to military sources quoted by Reuters.

In addition to storming posts, militant teams also reportedly blew up bridges and mined roads with improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

We just hope these Rohingyas won’t create such ruckus in India, these parasites should be sent back as soon as possible.

Manish Sharma