You Will Be Shocked to Know How Arnab Goswami Was Treated on His Last Day at TimesNow!

14th November, it was his last day at TimesNow, India’s most watched anchor had one last program planned before his final goodbye to TimesNow. A four hour long mega show was planned to make the last day memorable for the person who brought the channel to Number 1 position. The program was supposedly had Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan and top politicians who had confirmed their presence for the show.

But however the bosses of the TimesNow had a different idea!  Just hours before the show Arnab Goswami announced “This Show is cancelled”! The show which was given the name Arnab on Newshour went without making any noise.

Nobody immediately got to know what happened with the scheduled program, but later many insiders revealed that the TimesNow bosses had conversation with Mr Goswami and had expressed their displeasure that they did not want to host a program to make him look like a hero. They said “a little unnecessary and not have the top management’s permission”. When Goswami came to know that he did not get permission to host his last program, he backed off without further talk.

Arnab’s colleagues who witnessed the incident said that Goswami was very disappointed and sat with all his friends in the news room and narrated with teary eyes that he spent 10 years making the channel South Asia’s Number 1 and tirelessly gave everything to it. Many of his colleagues were in tears and were broke. One of his friend in the channel said Arnab exhorted every one thing “you should not be afraid to question the rich and the mighty”.

According to sources, the Timesnow group came into bitter relation with Goswami since 6 months ever since he targeted the Anti-India lobby which had become very active since the JNU Afzal Guru incident. The TimeNow group never wanted Arnab Goswami questioning the Pakistani spokespersons on television refereeing them as terror sponsors.

TimesNow group very well know that their viewership will take a big blow after Arnab Goswami submitted his resignation. So it is told that the management has gone is firefight mode and wants to hire best anchors from Delhi. Vineet Jain and Joydeep are personally monitoring the developments and want to bolster their operation in the capital. They want to get close to political parties in Delhi which Arnba Goswami was completely against. Goswami always mentioned that he never wanted the head office of the TimesNow to be in Delhi, since it will restrict the neutrality of the media and hinders your growth if you are not favouring the political parties.

There are rumours that Times group wants to hire few people from NDTV , the one name being heard is Sreenivasan Jain. They are also looking to hire Rahul Kanwal from India Today and few from Network18 and NewsX.

Looks like TimesNow will soon have no difference between the paid channels like NDTV and IndiaToday which quite evidently revolve around their political masters in 10 JP!

Arnab Goswami  had always stressed that Delhi will not let anyone survive if they do not belong to the elite group or lutyens member. The huge favours that journalist in the National capital get from their political masters more often murder the ethics of journalism. The journalists can be more so called as the PR agents of few political parties rather than journalists!

Their open support to the Anti-India lobby in JNU was a typical example as to how these people would go to any extent just to save their luxury and extravagant life they lead!!!

On the other hand Arnab Goswami feared no one when it came to National Interest, he questioned every person including his media colleagues, politicians and even Pakistani spokesperson. He was the first person who showed the spine to call many media people as ‘Pseudo Journalists’ and ‘Pseudo Liberals’ which made Barkha Dutt lose her face nationally! He questioned every so called sikular parties who supported terrorist like Burhan Wani. He also bravely raised the issues of Triple Talaq and UCC while every other channel either pretended to be neutral or showed support to this unlawful practice.

It is sad that the establishment in TimesNow did not realise the importance of a person being righteous than just being a puppet in the hands of political parties like most of the journalists in India. For sure TimesNow will feel the pinch very soon!!!

Aishwarya S