You will be shocked to know after whom the Congress named the Pilot training institute hostels in UP!

Aishwarya S

It is well known fact that Congress since 70 years has developed the habit of naming every Government schemes, building, science institutes, sports institutes, roads, awards, event venues, museums, parks, Universities after the Gandhi-Nehru family. The two names that dominated in the last 30-40 years are Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi.

There are over 99 Universities, 80 schemes, 19 stadiums and 28 tournaments and 400 institutions named after Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. Jawahar Lal Nehru and Indira Gandhi went to an extent of awarding themselves Bharat Ratna and ignored the names of real freedom fighters,civil society members and reformists of the country. The Congress which today fake campaigns behind Dr B R Ambedkar did not bother to show respect when he was alive. They did not even give him Bharat Ranta until 1990 and only after extreme pressure did they agree to give him the award. Not to forget it was none other than Jawahar Lal Nehru who made Ambedkar resign from Law Ministry.

Most people even today do not know that the biggest rival of Dr Amberdkar was none other than Congress party and their fake ideology.

The Nehru-Gandhi family who were masters in marketing themselves did not leave any opportunity to project themselves as the face of freedom fighters and architects of modern India. The real question is if they really worked for India, would it take 70 years after Independence for villages to get electricity? The countries like Singapore, Malaysia who got Independence 10 years later than India today have prospered many times better than our country. Am sure, there need not be better example than this!

Fine, they were the Prime Minister’s of India and let’s consider it was okay to name a few institutes after their family members. But what is most alarming is, the Congress party has now gone to an extent of naming government buildings after Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi as well.

Yes, the hostels in the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi, an institute in Rae Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh have been named after Rahul and Priyanka. This institute provides pilot training to students and also has accommodation facilities for both girls and boys. While the boys hostel has been named after Rahul gandhi, the girls hostel has been named after Priyanka Gandhi. Although the institutes were named few years back, no media highlighted it to protect the Gandhis from embarrassment.

This can be called the heights of self promotion by the Gandhi family and sycophant Congress party. In fact it is a matter of shame to name a hostel of the pilot training institute after Rahul Gandhi who had openly mocked and insulted the training records of the institute in his speech at CII in 2014. Rahul Gandhi in his speech had said that in India, the pilots are taught to drop mails from aircraft which was absolutely incorrect. 

This man who doesn’t even have basic knowledge is honoured by naming the institute hostel after him. What is Priyanka Gandhi’s contribution to nation? what welfare has she done? For 70 years people of India have been treated as slaves of Gandhi family, now do they expect the next generations to accept Rahul and Priyanka as their masters??

No wonder in another 10 years Priyanka and Robert Vadra’s kids also will find their names on Government buildings and institutes!!!



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