You Will be Shocked to Know What Has Happened to Naxals and Maoists After Demonetization of Old Notes!

Since one week there are few people who have been massively hit by demonetization decision. On one hand, if corrupt politicians, businessman are having sleepless nights and popping pills for depression, on the other side,the anti social elements, terrorists and naxals have gone into rat holes and attained coma state.

Ever since PM Modi announced the demonetization of old notes, the worst hit are the terrorists and the naxals. These people live on black money and receive huge funding from various political parties through cash. But since one week all their money transformed into nothing more than a bundle of papers with no value. No main stream media reported the news that Naxals activities have totally come to stand still. There has been no violence reported from Jammu Kashmir in the past 5 days. This is the first time ever in decades that Jammu Kashmir has remained peaceful for 5 consecutive days.

The naxal prone areas of Chhattisgarh, Andra Pradesh, Telengana and Odisha have gone into silent mode since November 8th. The police have reported that banning the higher denomination currency have put a full stop to naxals activity in the forest areas and borders. They are totally frustrated and are desperately looking to get out of the mess.

Police also reported that they recovered a bag full of old 500 and 1000 rupee notes worth 44.25 Lakh and 2 Lakh worth jewellery which was being shifted from Naxal-affected Kondagaon district. They said naxals were trying to find villagers and threaten them to get old notes exchanged. Police said that naxals hide huge amount of black money in unknown places and distribute among themselves for anti social activities. They receive money only through cash and now they are not finding ways to dispose the old notes.

Senior police officer in Bastar welcomed the move of Narendra Modi saying that it will cause a massive blow to naxals. They said the police also recovered around 7000 crore in Bastar region alone which is suffering from left wing extremism since decades. Levy is major source of income to the Maoists in the area, the money is got from political parties, contractors, businessmen, local traders. This money is passed to the leaders which they use to buy illegal ammunition, bombs, firearms, medicines and food for naxals. They are also used for running many illegal activities like prostitution, kidnap and murders. According to ministry of Home affairs, the CPI-Maoists one unit collect over 150 crore annually for their illegal activities.

After demonetization, the naxals are facing severe shortage of commodities and are prone to take desperate measures to get money. They may even attack ATM’s and banks for which the police and the Army have been deployed in all areas and frequent patrolling as been undertaken. The Special Director General of Police (anti-Maoist operations) D M Awasthi said they have received intelligence report that there are chances that naxals may attack people, banks and post offices for money and hence the army is keeping vigil on all people roaming suspiciously. Security has also been beefed up near banks and ATM’s.

The police officer happily smiled and said, the naxals are not even able to buy sufficient food with their old money. They are hand-tied and cannot procure any weapons which has greatly reduced their activity.

Today around 5-10 naxals in chikamagalur, Karnataka surrendered and said we have no other means to survive now. They said they want to join the main stream and drop guns.

Inspite of constant efforts from police and army, it was not possible for them to control the naxals and Maoist activities in large. Hundreds of policemen, army men have lost their life and families beacame orphan because of naxals activities in various places. Many governments showed no interest nor did they bother about our jawans life. But one small move by the Modi government has brought a huge change in the naxal activities. We now know where exactly these people should be hit. The oxygen supply to the naxals has been cut off which has brought down naxal activity overnight.

The government should now ensure that these people do not receive funds like before and the entire organization is demolished.

Aishwarya S