You Will be Shocked to Know What Kids are Being Taught in Many Christian Schools!

Hindu kids do face Christian proselytism in certain schools!!

I recently came across tweets showing pages from book alleged to be a part of some nursery school’s syllabus in Kerala. Pages in question clearly try to promote religious conversion. They show how Jesus is better than other Gods.

This might remind you of Zakir Naik who often talks about how Allah is above all Gods. Anyway, getting back to the topic, there are several educational institutions in various Indian cities that are actually trying to spread Christianity with the help of their schools.

The opinion piece does not wish to criticize ALL schools established by missioners because some of them are doing a fantastic job by offering good quality education to kids in cities that too, free of cost. Unfortunately, there are some that also attempt to inject Christianity into young students’ mind.

Anyone who keeps track of current affairs won’t deny that children do face Christian proselytism in certain schools. These educational institutions openly punish kids who follow Hindu traditions. It won’t be wrong to claim that such schools are involved in cultural cleansing.

There are several examples in the form of news stories that can prove my point. Let’s take a look at three of them.

St Mary’s Convent School in Kanpur

Kanpur-based St Mary’s Convent School made it in the headlines during September 2015 when school authorities punished its students for wearing rakhi and applying mehndi on their hands. News reports suggest that students were forced to wash their hands and rub stones on them in order to wash off the mehndi until their hands started bleeding. Their rakhis were cut into pieces, and children were also forced to stand under the sun as punishment.

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Parents filed a police complaint against the school. Instead of apologizing, school authorities claimed that they do not allow anyone to wear religious symbols while in their premises. However, Twitterites exposed the school by releasing pictures of their teachers wearing a cross. It seems that school management has a problem with the Hindu traditions and not religious symbols. (Yes dear libtards, we know that cross is not a religious symbol, but Om and bindi are)

Chennai-based Doveton Girls and Boys Hr. Sec. School asks a student to pay Rs. 500 for following Hindu traditions

Back in October 2015, Chennai-based Doveton Girls and Boys Hr. Sec. School management irked several people when school authorities asked a student’s parent to pay Rs. 500 as their boy had applied mehndi on his hand. School’s staff member also asked this parent to not to admit his son in Christian educational institution(s) if they want to follow Hindu traditions.

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School’s correspondent bizarrely justified their move and claimed that money collected as fine goes to Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. Mainstream media did highlight this issue, but kind of dismissed it by tagging it as discipline-related action.

Bengaluru-based St Vincent Pallotti School expelled three-year-old kindergarten student for keeping ponytail

The incident happened in June this year. School’s principal Paul D’Souza asked the young boy’s father Manjunath BC to take their fees back and get an admission in some other school as there is no place for children and their parents who want to follow superstitious beliefs.

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So, LKG student keeping ponytail until he is 3.5 years of age as part of family’s custom is a superstition? Then, wearing a cross and sitting in the class in front of small kids is a sign of secularism I guess. As expected, the super secular pro-Tipu Congress state government has not taken any action in this case.

Young minds are not even developed enough to understand that they face intolerance

The above three cases suggest that some schools do show their REAL intolerance towards Hindu culture. There are more examples on the internet that are good enough to prove that Hindu kids do face Christian proselytism in certain schools within so-called Hindu majority country.

Institutes run by Church and Islamic outfits enjoy many exemptions. They can give admission and reject anyone, no RTE, no nothing. Education departments in many states hesitate to take action against schools run by Churches and Islamic organization even if they receive multiple complaints. Plus, many parents do not file a complaint against such educational institutions because they feel that approaching the authorities may ruin their kid’s future. Liberal media does not report such stories that show intolerance against Hindus.

As mentioned earlier, the opinion piece does not aim to criticize all church run school because there are some that do not allow religious indoctrination. Good schools run by Hindu, Muslim and Christian outfits give tough time to politically connected education mafias in metro cities as well as rural areas.

But they must stop planting a religious seed in the mind of young children. They must stop distributing bibles, and making it compulsory for non-Christian students to participate in morning prayers.

The country is also witnessing how some Christian employers, as well as MNCs in the country, are endorsing Christian culture. Multinational companies have already removed Hindu festivals from their list of holidays. A considerable part of country’s workforce works during Diwali and Eid. Now, even kids are brainwashed in the name of education. Hope the central government looks into these issues and parents start reporting them fearlessly.

 (Disclaimer: This opinion piece or Post Card News does not aim to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments. We are just spreading awareness about an extremely important issue)

By: Nitten Gokhaley