You will be shocked to know why Rahul Gandhi misused the images of young girls for his personal greed!!!

In order to counter the popularity of PM Modi, the 47-year-old youth icon Rahul Gandhi has crossed all the limits. Few media have boasted that Rahul Gandhi gained more popularity than PM Modi but the lie was busted very soon. Rahul Gandhi was getting more number of retweets just because of fake accounts and what was more hilarious is a that the accounts were from Russia, Kazakhstan and Indonesia.

Now the new controversy that is revolving around Rahul Gandhi is that he and his team is misusing the images of young girls. Do you know why?

The social media team of Rahul Gandhi is trying to portray him as a heartthrob of girls. This is a move to say that the youths are still getting attracted towards Rahul Gandhi. So Rahul Gandhi and the team are using images of random girls are in order to create fake accounts.

Have a look at the below image!!!

The above image proves that Rahul Gandhi’s team has stolen a picture of a young girl and created a twitter account in the name of “Neha Khan”. The account was created with a sole person to promote Rahul Gandhi and to troll PM Modi.

Have a look at another tweet where an account named “Naina With RG” is praising Rahul Gandhi. It is yet another fake account in order to create a hype around Rahul Gandhi.

One can forgive Rahu Gandhi and team for using fake accounts. But they are using images of girls for their political greed. He claims that he wants to be the next Prime Minister of India but how can we trust him? Isn’t using girls’ image a grave mistake? Shouldn’t a case be filed against Congress party?

Rahul Gandhi’s team didn’t stop here!!! Do you know how they used the fake accounts to attack BJP?

These fake accounts with pretty faces even exhibit their talent by threatening and provoking people to attack the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Not just trolling, even abusing has become a routine job to these pretty faces (Rahul Gandhi).

Rahul Gandhi even gets proposals from these fake profiles!!!

“My Hero Rahul Ji I Love you Umaaah”!!! These fake accounts with real pics are used to send love proposals to Rahul Gandhi. Incredible Congress party!!!

Love you RaGa!!! These are the gimmicks used by the scion of Gandhi family that ruled and ruined India for 70 years.

Source: http://www.performindia.com/rahul-fake-account/

Hansika Raj