You Will be Shocked to See the Number of Maoists Surrendered After Demonetization!

This is the 2 consecutive week, where the country is witnessing huge number of Maoists surrendering themselves after November 8th. Two hundred and twenty two Maoist supporters surrendered before the Odisha Police in Malkangiri District on 22nd Nov, Tuesday. 77 among them were women.  Trucks fully loaded with Maoist supporters reached at Malkangiri Police Station on Tuesday. They surrendered before Malkangiri Superintendent of Police Mitrabhanu Mahapatra. Thus the score of surrendering Maoist supporters reaches to total 468 surrenders from last three days.

One of the main intentions of Demonetization was to cut down on Terror funding. The Naxalite-Maoist Insurgency is a grave issue for the Government of India from almost last five decades. They have expanded their Terror network to many states of India like Karnataka, Chattisgarh and Odisha to name a few.  They extort money and goods from local people. China supplies them with arms and ammunitions. They get funded by many capitalists, Leftists and by illegal activities like kidnapping, looting, narcotics etc.

Demonetization has severely affected the business of red rebels. They have a pile of stashed illegal money worth hundreds of Crores rupees which is worthless now. This crisis has hit Maoists too hard in their struggle of survival. They can’t buy food and other necessities with old banned notes.  They are desperately working on converting their illegal money into legal tender. They have intensified their extortion bids for survival. Maoists are intimidating rural people to deposit their illegal money into Jan Dhan accounts of villagers.

With the information received from Intelligence Reports, Police have intensified their actions on trapping Maoists. A few days back, 4 Maoists were killed in police encounter in Chattisgarh. They had ventured out of their hiding places to approach rural people for exchange of currency. Likewise, in Malkangiri District, Maoists fell into the trap of Odisha Police. Rural people who give in to the demands of the Maoists either out of fear or out of ideological support are bringing huge amounts of banned currency notes to deposit in their jan Dhan account. Odisha Police have informed the Bank authorities to tip off the names of such account holders who have recently deposited lakhs of rupees.

Thus Maoists are getting caught by police since demonetization. Unable to sustain the struggle, a huge number of Naxalite- Maoists are surrendering before police themselves.

The nuisance of separatists in Kashmir has taken a back foot after Demonetization. After four months, Kashmir has been restored to normalcy. Maoists are even a bigger threat to our country as they have spread their lawless Terror Network among many states. Demonetization move by our PM Modi has brought this menace under control. Credit should go to our Police Force too, for their timely action.

To put it in nutshell, it would be an accurate thing to say that Demonetization is serving its purpose of restricting Terror Network by attacking on their funding source. And for all those who stood patiently in the queues in banks without cribbing and complaining…..it was all worth it after all!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi