Will Sunil Grover continue to work with Kapil Sharma even after being publicly humiliated?

It’s a competitive world out there. Everybody wants to be a winner. Kapil Sharma, India’s biggest comedy superstar has sparked controversy yet again by getting into a tiff with Sunil Grover. Grover who has always been a very important member of Kapil’s team had earlier left the show (when it was being aired on another channel). They were said to have creative differences at that time. Sunil Grover was backed by another channel who had invested a lot in him. However, the show flopped & 13 episodes later Grover was back on Kapil’s show.

Grover who has always been appreciated by the biggest superstars was now happy to get back and work ‘under’ Kapil. Even after starting off on a new channel, Kapil & Sunil Grover entertained their audiences like never before. We do witness a lot of fights on the show. Sunil Grover has often been rated as the best the small screen has ever seen when it comes to tickling the funny bone. Kapil, who had been to Australia recently, reportedly abused & insulted Sunil Grover. Kapil who had just returned from stage shows in Melbourne & Sydney allegedly walked up to Sunil Grover & abused him.

Sunil Grover was deeply hurt & posted a message on twitter.

Grover also mentioned that there was nothing wrong in correcting a person’s behaviour. He also said that he had been abused for doing so & he certainly didn’t deserve that. Sunil also asked Kapil to refrain from using abusive or foul language. He further said that it was wrong to use such offensive language in front of women who were also travelling with them & had nothing to do with Kapil’s ‘star-power.’

He ended the message by saying, ‘Thanks for making me realise it was your show and you have the power to throw out anybody anytime. You are the wittiest & best in your field. But don’t act like a “God.” Take good care of yourself. Wish you a lot of success &fame. ‘

Yesterday Kapil had taken to his official Facebook page to react to the fight.

Hi.. good morning friends .. was celebrating my best time n suddenly I heard a news about me n sunil paji fighting…..

Posted by Kapil sharma on Sonntag, 19. März 2017

The tussle may soon be resolved, as both of them don’t want the show to bear the brunt of the audiences. Sharma has already tried to pacify Grover, after the outburst. Grover’s reply is awaited.

Alok Shetty