You Will be Surprised to Know the Number of People The Golden Temple Feeds Everyday!

Free kitchen at Golden Temple daily prepares 1,500 kg of rice, 13,000 kg of lentils and 2,000 kg of vegetables using 100 LPG cylinders

Golden Temple (in Amritsar) is visited by over 1, 00,000 people daily. Most of them eat the delicious food prepared in the kitchen of the Golden Temple. The dining halls, within its premise, have a combined capacity to accommodate 5,000 people in a single shift. Many bhakts, join this religious fiesta to satisfy their hunger by consuming Parshada.

This community dining service is attended by volunteers too, who serve around 75,000 people often for many days. Anyone can visit this holy place, to seek Guru Nanak’s blessing and relish the food served with love and care for people. Sewedars who prepare food in the kitched, recite Gurbani while preparing food.

At the langar (kitchen), you can eat as much as you want. It is estimated that there is 1,500 kg of rice, 13,000 kg of lentils and 2,000 kg of vegetables, prepared in the kitchen every day. Like, in any Gurudwara, visitors to Golden Temple are treated with respect and warm hospitality. All diners are requested to sit on the floor, to eat as much as they wish to.

According to legend, around 500 years ago, Guru Nanak introduced the idea of langar where everyone regardless of religion or social status, could sit on the ground together as equals and eat the same food. The philosophy behind this free meal was a radical departure from the prevailing norms, where caste hierarchies decided what you ate and with whom you ate it (as reported by sikhnet).

Meals are purely vegetarian, and include rice, rotis, dal, vegetables, along with a dessert. The people who serve food are Sewedars. They mostly volunteer for few hours, or even for few days. Majority of Sewedars are temporary only. The utensils used are washed many times, to maintain cleanliness. There is another team of volunteers, who will clean utensils only.

Golden Temple is famous tourist site, which has marble at its base covered with pure 100kg gold on the lotus-shaped dome.

Pooja Bhatia 


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