Who will win the Delhi elections if elections are conducted today, can Kejriwal make it again?

Just 2 years back, the AAP of Kejriwal won 67/70 seats in Delhi and claimed that he was most popular in Delhi. This was the second chance he got after he resigned in 2014 to contest for Prime Minister post. The people of Delhi gave him a second chance to prove his ability.

But just after 3 years, what we see today is distrust in the minds of people about Kejriwal. The India Today-Axis team conducted an opinion poll just a day after the MCD elections to know who would win Delhi if elections were conducted today. The main objective of this survey was to see if Kejriwal still holds popularity among the masses of Delhi.

But the results were shocking! The survey showed that if elections were to be held today, then BJP would get 56-62, AAP – 6-7 and Congress 4-7 seats.

The party which won 67 seats is reduced to single digit just in the span of 3 years. The main reason for Kejriwal losing his popularity is because of his extreme arrogance, abusive nature, blaming Modi for everything, questioning the Indian Army, his direct support to Pakistan which exposed his cruel intention and anti National mindset.

When BJP lost the Delhi elections in 2015, the Prime Minister had called Kejriwal and congratulated him on the phone and assured all assistance for the development of Delhi. But take a look at how Kejriwal responds when he lost the elections.

This exact arrogance is what is the main reason for Kejriwal losing elections after elections! This is a warning signal for Kejriwal, who is now being blamed by his own party workers for rout in Punjab, Goa and now Delhi. A public figure should first have decency and humility, if not they are bound go extinct in the field of politics. People will show them their right place.

Aishwarya S


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