“Will You Take Blood-Soaked Pad To Friend’s” house? Smriti Irani raps the left activist who carried stained pad to temple!

Smriti Irani who is well known for her no nonsense talk has once again rapped the pseudo liberals and leftist for trying to insult Hindu Gods. The Sabarimala  which has become a national issue after the Supreme Court verdict had triggered a lot of controversy and tension in Kerala.

Huge protests in support of restricting women of particular age group gained momentum as most Hindu refused to go to Sabarimala Temple until the age of 50. But the controversy started when Christian and Muslim women tried to enter the temple without showing least respect to the Hindu customs and traditions. The worst part was the so called activist Rehana Fatima is said to have carried a stained Sanitary Napkin which she intended to throw on the Lord himself with an intention to hurt Hindu sentiments.

Smriti Irani who was in Mumbai to attend Young Thinkers’ Conference, was asked about Sabarimala temple issue, to which she said “I am nobody to speak of the Supreme Court verdict because I am a current serving cabinet minister… I believe I have the right to pray but I don’t have the right to desecrate. And that is the difference that we need to recognise and respect.”

She further added, “...but just plain common sense. Would you take sanitary napkins steeped in menstrual blood and walk in to a friend’s home? You could not. And would you think it is respectable to do the same thing when you are walking into the house of god?” questioned the minister.

..What does that mean irrespective of whether I am a politician or a minister, because I have two Zoroastrian children and a Zoroastrian husband. I am made to stand outside. I will stand either on the road or sit in my car… When I took my newborn son (to a fire temple in Andheri), I had to give him at the temple, gave him to my husband, because I was shooed away and told don’t stand here,” she said.

Her comments came in the context after there was news that Rehana Fatima carried used sanitary napkin in her Irrumudi (Offerings to God), which had enraged people.

Smriti Irani has firmly slammed the so called activists and exposed their dubious insertions of insulting Hindus.

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