William Shakespeare Would Have been Inspired by Kejriwal Theatrics…Here’s How!

English play writer and poet William Shakespeare is considered world’s greatest writer, especially because of his political plays.  But, believe it or not, even Shakespeare’s play may not prove to be as enthralling as those scripted by one Indian politician. The concerned person can prove to be a good subject to study for students at Institute of Politics (IOP) Harvard. No prize money for guessing the right answer, this politician is AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal as per political analysts. BJP leaders had recognized AAP and Kejriwal’s dramatic talent in 2013 itself.

Delhi’s chief minister is the most attacked politician according to reports. Almost all of the attacks on Kejriwal seem to be self-orchestrated. Today, everyone refers to AAP as a drama party.

Some attack related cases are under investigation. Out of all the theatrics, let’s take a look at interesting details about an incident that took place on January 17, 2016, in Delhi when Kejriwal was attacked with ink by a 26-year-old woman Bhawna Arora.

This happened at New Delhi’s Chhatrasal Stadium when Kejriwal was addressing journalists during his press conference about odd and even scheme.  As expected, AAP leaders played the victim card and tagged the incident as BJP and Delhi police’s conspiracy to attack their great leader, Kejriwal. Friends in media again used this opportunity to publish stories and glorify Delhi’s CM.

However, further investigations revealed two important points. First and the most important point, one of the police officials deployed for Kejriwal’s security during the event said that Delhi CM’s PA had asked him to move away from the stage when AAP chief was speaking. The second interesting point, Bhawna Arora is a member of Aam Admi Sena, a unit formed by former members from AAP Delhi.

The woman remained behind bars from January 17 to January 22 and was given bail later. But the main question still remains unanswered, why did CM’s PA instruct all the officials in police uniform to stay away from the stage?  Why did the party claim that they were not provided adequate security for the event even when they themselves had asked police to stay away from the stage?

Instead of giving an explanation about why they asked cops to stay away from the stage, AAP’s spokesperson and former journalist Ashutosh Gupta criticized Delhi’s then police chief B S Bassi and claimed that he is out of work.

“Bassi talks like a BJP spokesperson. He should share the name of the police official who was asked to move away from the stage and also the name of the PA who asked him to do so. Nothing of this sort had happened, the police chief is just trying to save his image,”-said Ashutosh.

In ABP News video, a cop is clearly visible on the stage in the first part, but in the later part, he was not present behind Kejriwal. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that someone may have asked him to step down from the stage.

Later, reports also revealed that the woman in question was brought to Delhi after proper planning. Not in a train or bus, but in a chartered plane. She claimed she was betrayed by AAP’s Punjab unit and has a CD that proved Delhi CM’s involvement in CNG scam. No debates were organized on the said scam, no CD was made public.

Arora recently made it in the headlines on October 4 for hurling slipper on Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Kumar Jain. This time she claimed that she did it because of Kejriwal’s statement on surgical strikes. As expected, AAP blamed BJP for this attack as well. In this incident, AAP’s minister Jain played the victim card. He is facing a tax evasion case and was attacked after coming out of the Income Tax office. News reports suggest that even he knew about the possibility of attack.

All these incidents appear as if they are a part of a well-scripted political drama. AAP actors perform the act, leaders play the victim card, and then spokespersons blame the BJP for everything.

Kejriwal would have definitely impressed Shakespeare. Unfortunately, the great play writer is not around to appreciate all these dramas. But Ram Gopal Varma is!  The Bollywood director has decided to caricature Kejriwal in Sarkar 3. Renowned actor Manoj Bajpayee will play Kejriwal like character called Govind Deshpandey. What more can one ask for?

Nitten Gokhaley