Wing Commander Abhinandan will be back to India very soon, here’s why?

Pakistan today tried to target India’s military installations in retaliation to the Indian Air Force’s precision strike that decimated the Pakistani terror launch pads on Tuesday.

In the aerial engagement with Pakistan, one Pakistani fighter was shot down by a MIG-21 Bison but unfortunately India also lost its one MIG-21 and also our one brave pilot got captured by the Pakistan as claimed by them by releasing the videos of Wing Commander Abhinandan.

I can understand the pain the nation is undergoing by seeing the videos of Wing Commander Abhinandan. But the nation has to keep calm. Wing Commander Abhinandan will be soon back to India as per Geneva Convention.

The Geneva Convention comprises treaties and protocols that establish standards of international law, which outline the humane treatment during wars. As per the convention Pakistan has to return Prisoner of War and it cannot be inhumane to them.

Earlier during the 1999 Kargil War, flight lieutenant K Nachiketa was captured by the Pakistanis. Flight lieutenant K Nachiketa was flying a MiG-27 to target Pakistani posts but ran out of luck when he had to deal with some technical difficulty with respect to his jet and had to eject. After which unfortunately he got trapped.

But what followed next was a sensational effort by the Indian side to get their men back home safely and that also Pakistani themselves came and handed him over to India with dignity and respect

Although the Pakistani tried their best to humiliate our men but India didn’t let it happen. G Parthasarathy, Indian high commissioner in Islamabad told to News18 that when our Jawan was captured I got a call from the Pakistan foreign office asking me to come and get our pilot from there. They said then Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had announced Nachiketa’s release. The foreign office was on Jinnah Road, which is where the Pakistani officials were holding their press conferences. I flatly refused to go there, he said.

He said he understood this is an attempt by Pakistan to humiliate our men because as per the Geneva Convention it was the Pakistani side that was supposed to hand him over to Indian authorities.So he out rightly refused it and said I am not going to come to the foreign office for you to make a mockery of an Indian Air Force pilot. After which Pakistan was not left with any option and all their plans were shattered.Finally handed our man the very same evening to the Indian high Commissioner

Please be calm and trust PM Modi Government. Government has already started proceedings regarding the same. The Ministry of External Affairs has summoned Pakistan Deputy High Commissioner Syed Haidar Shah and has read the Riot Act to the Pakistan envoy and said that the IAF pilot ‘must be returned’ to India. The MEA also pointed out to Pakistan’s Deputy High Commissioner that Pakistan Air Force had ‘tried to hit military target’ after violating the Indian airspace in Nowshera sector of Jammu and Kashmir earlier today whereas

Wing Commander Abhinandan is safe and will soon be back to India

Source: News18