Wink goes terribly wrong! Rahul Gandhi gets schooled by Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan for winking in the parliament

After the stunning performance and speech delivered by the Congress President in today’s Lok Sabha session, Indians were enough entertained by his outstanding act. He paid justice to the level of expectation India was awaiting before he could talk!!

Well, what happened after it came as a embracement for Rahul Gandhi! The Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan pulled up Congress President Rahul Gandhi for winking in the parliament after hugging Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She asked him to strictly maintain the dignity of his position within the parliament and thus not affecting the environment.

Mahajan said it is up to us to maintain our own dignity as respected members of the Parliament. “I want all of you to live in harmony; Rahul ji is like my son,” she said in the context of pulling up Congress President.

Yeh samajh lo ki sadan ki garima humein hi rakhni rahi, koi bahar ka aakar nahi rakehega.Humein apni garima bhi rakhni hai as a parliament member. Mein chahti hun ki tum sab log prem se raho. Mere dushman nahi hain, Rahul ji, bete jaise hi lagte hain: Sumitra Mahajan, LS speaker

However, the Lok Sabha Speaker insisted that her advice applies to every person in the house and not to a particular individual.“The members of the House need to maintain the decorum and their dignity as MP’s”, she said. She said although she encourages good relations among members, Rahul Gandhi’s action affected the decorum of the House.

The entire House was stunned at the gesture of the Congress President who hugged PM Modi after finishing his speech. He was later caught on camera winking at someone which was condemned by the Lok Sabha speaker, which was absolutely required followed by the behaviour of the Congress President considering his position in the Parliament.

Yet another interesting statement which came from Rahul Gandhi, was regarding the word ‘Pappu’ which the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders as well as the whole of India, often use to describe Gandhi. He said, “Call me ‘pappu’ but I don’t hate you. I will love from the inside,I am thankful to BJP for teaching me what it means to be a Congressman, an Indian and a Hindu.”

Right now the Congress President might be thinking he has succeeded in pulling the attention of the Nation with his entertainment stunt but let me make it clear enough, the Congress President has yet again landed up in making a fool of himself!!

Source: Timesnow news