Who is winning Goa elections 2017….Fresh pre proll survey post budget!

Goa, although a small state has created big ripples in the political circle before the Assembly elections. Goa has only 40 seats, but it is a matter of huge prestige for all three parties BJP, Congress and AAP given the fact that Arvind Kejriwal is trying his best to establish his party’s image in Goa and there by making it look like a National party.

The Congress on the other hand wants to get back the lost power 5 years back. They do not have great appeal due to absence of a credible face. Manohar Parrikar of the BJP is a very strong candidate with unquestionable track record. He almost brought end to corruption in Goa when the land mafia was at its peak in the state with enormous corruption. He has been a great leader who lead the party from front and assured good governance while in power.

While Parrikar was CM, he is said to have cleared many developmental projects which were stuck during the Congress rule. To gain popularity in a Christian dominated state was definitely not easy for the BJP since they are always accused of being communal. However, BJP seems to have kept their vote shares intact for the upcoming 2017 Assembly elections. Although currently he is serving as the Defense Minister in the central government, he has given hints of returning to state politics if the party decides.

According to a recent pre poll survey, the BJP is said to form the government again in Goa. The survey which was conducted with around 2000 samples in various districts, shows that the support to BJP has increased especially after demonetization. It is well remembered that PM Modi had made his first speech after demonetization in Goa with an emotional appeal which received huge support from people.

The numbers of the Pre poll survey shows that BJP is all set to get majority with 21-25 seats, Congress is said to get 6-8 seats and AAP is said to get 9-10 seats. The vote share of BJP has increased from 34.68% in 2012 to 41.4% in 2017. Many other surveys which were conducted by media agencies have also showed similar results.

The biggest loss in this election is for the AAP which campaigned purely on the basis of religion in a hope to get Christian votes. Kejriwal  who is desperate to attack Modi in every aspect has considered the election as personal battle. Congress which is fighting an existence battle with no capable leader to take the party forward will have to face huge humiliation again.

Aishwarya S


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