With Better Equipment’s Can Indian Indian Army Beat US and Russia???

Successful Surgical Strike on Terror Launch Pads in PoK by our army filled all the Indians with pride!70-80 brave Commandos of Para Special Forces crossed the LoC by IAF Attack Helicopters. They were well equipped with Carl Gustaf   84 mm rocket launchers and automatic grenade launchers! They killed more than 100 terrorists and returned back victoriously with no single scratch! The news of no casualties or injuries to our soldiers gives us immense satisfaction, doesn’t it?

In the recent Uri attack though, the terrorists had attacked our soldiers in the wee hours with AK-47 rifles and Grenades! Our 18 soldiers were martyred and 30 were injured! Most of the deaths and injuries were due to the tents catching fire because of grenades. Question arises as to the adequacy of the preventive measures for the safety of our soldiers on border!

The chemical impregnated into the canvas for the waterproof tents  is known to add fuel to a fire! Tents are hence, considered highly risky! This time in Uri, the coward enemy threw grenades on the tents where our soldiers were sleeping! Tents are known to burn to the ground within 30 seconds! And the fire spreads to other tents within no time on windy days! Time for the Defence Ministry to introspect how safe it is to allow our soldiers to sleep within such vulnerable walls prone to fire!

Coming to Arms and Ammunitions, in 2015, the Indian Government took major step in replacing some INSAS rifles of the CRPF with AK-47. Long way to go before everyone is equipped with AK-47. Presently, the army is shoved with highly unreliable INSAS. How can our soldiers fight with the weapons they cannot trust? The bullet-proof equipments are outdated and very heavy and cause fatigue and lack of focus in our soldiers.Food is an important issue while on mission! There is a scope for vast improvement in providing our soldiers with food packets of good quality. Our designer army clothes are unsuitable for hilly and jungle areas! They are big and noisy. The shoes provided by army are usually too small or too big! Weather and Terrain further contribute to the setbacks faced by our Jawans!

All these problems are stated by none other than army-men themselves! And In spite of all these odds, they patrol the snow filled mountains and jungles with such ill-fitted accessories! For sixty years, Congress neglected the Defence requirements. Numerous Defence scams made Indian Defence weak and outdated! Import of Defence Equipments provides  a huge scope for  scams thanks to a big amount allocated for Defence in Budget.While talking on this, we need to mention the Originator of Army Corruption, Defence minister in Nehru Govt, V. K. Krishna Menon and his infamous “˜Jeep  Scandal”™ ! Nehru and Menon are responsible for those thousands of martyred soldiers in 1962 Indo-China War for advancing them  in the most unprepared and ill-equipped way! Now is the time to take correction measures through Make in India Mission!

I can”™t imagine the tensions of women whose son, husband or brother is posted in Kashmir! The army has to control lot of local supporters of separatists and Terrorists apart from their leaders and Pakistan Army across the border. These locals hurl stones at our soldiers and steal their ammunitions. It”™s a big struggle for our army to maintain Law and Order without injuring civilians and not getting injured themselves. If they are compelled to use pellet guns, the whole Paid Media and half of the  politicians start ranting from Media houses to Parliament! Leftists have labeled our soldiers as Rapists! Such is the fate of our Jawans in Kashmir!

Our Soldiers get a modest pay! They are deprived of a cozy family life with near and dear ones! They work nonstop through extreme weather conditions like scorching heat, incessant rains or freezing cold! They have a routine of close shaves with death! They are despised and criticized by some Politicians, Media and Civilians”¦.and yet they work against all odds protecting our country and sacrifice their valuable lives for the thankless nation!

When Lance Naik Hanumanthappa was struggling for his life, just two kilometers away, a section of students of JNU were shouting “˜Indian Army Murdabad”™! Politicians like Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal and Sitaram Yechury were standing up with these anti-national elements!

Indian defence stands 4th in the world after China, Russia and US. The only difference with India and other countries is that they have better equipments and ammunition’s. Our Indian MARCOS have proven to be even better than the NAVY SEALS of US (The team that hunted Osama Bin Laden). Providing our jawans with best facilities and ammunitions, no doubt Indian army can set new standards in the world.

Although the present government has made considerable progress in providing better equipment’s for soldiers, we definitely need more improvements to match the standards of USA and Russia.

We very well know PM Narendra Modi and Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar  have to cover the pits of 60 years Nehru ““Gandhi  Legacy and requires long term plans. However, we need speedy implementation of state of art facilities in defence to reduce the mortality of our Jawans.

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi