With the blessings of Goddess Durga, here’s how saffron brigade formed a strategy to end Mamata Banerjee’s regime

The dictatorship of Mamta Banerjee led TMC Government is soon going to end. BJP is all ready with its upcoming plan to uproot TMC from the state of West Bengal

As we all know Durga Puja is celebrated with great pump and show in West Bengal. This year, will kick-start on October 4, the day of Mahashasthmi and will last for five-days. PM Modi led team of BJP leaders, including Home Minister Amit Shah have decided to reach out to people during the festival. The Government has decided to inaugurate about 500 Durga Puja pandals across the state

Under the TMC led rule the share of Muslim population has shown tremenduous increase in the region. Out of the 19 districts, 2 districts in the state have become Muslim dominated hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus and making them feel marginalized

For their vote bank politics TMC Government led by Mamta Banerjee has always indulged in the appeasement politics. Even in 2017, the West Bengal Government had announced that Durga puja idol immersion or visarjan ceremony will not be allowed due to Muharram, as it would have resulted in communal tensions flaring up.
Not only this, but also the killing of BJP workers one or another day by TMC has led to rise wave of anger against TMC in the state. This all is going to cause a big loss to TMC in the upcoming elections

On the other hand, BJP continuous positive efforts for the betterment of the state is going to help BJP win big in elections. And the recent move of BJP to inaugurate about 500 Durga Puja pandals across the state is going to help BJP garner Hindu vote bank

Although TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee is trying her best to impress Hindu Voters and not let them sway. She has already inaugurated more than 20 pujas pandals starting as early as from September 27 to make room for opening as many puja pandals.

But this is not going to help her as what she has done over the last few years is still not erased from the mind of the people. Over the last few years TMC leaders have dominated the list of puja inaugurators. But, starting this year, the central leadership of BJP has asked the state unit to focus on increasing engagement with community puja committees to improve public relations. About 28,000 community Durga pujas take place across the state. Of them, nearly 2,500 are in Kolkata. Amit Shah, who will visit Kolkata on Tuesday, will inaugurate the BJ-Block Durga Puja in Salt Lake area.

Her no effort is now going to save her and already she has witnessed a dose of it in the Lok Sabha elections, in which her party was reduced to 22 seats from her previous tally of 42.

And for BJP it is a golden chance to make the party foothold strong in the region. And it has been well realized by BJP also which has consequently amped up its engagement on the ground.



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