Within days of Governor’s rule, Snipers and NSG commandos land in Jammu Kashmir for massive anti terror operation!

After the BJP withdrew their support to PDP, the governor rule was imposed in Jammu Kashmir. Just within hours after that, massive developments have taken places in the valley with centre going full-scale war against terrorists.

Nearly since a month, the situation in Kashmir turned for the worst with PDP government supporting terrorists demanding cease fire to be extended even after Ramzan festival. There were more than 5 cease fire violation which killed many Indian soldiers. The terrorists went to the extent of killing the editor of Kashmir Rising Newspaper. Taking the situation for their advantage, the stone pelters went on a rampage in Kashmir attacking Army vans, police officers injuring them badly. The Indian army received intel report that the terrorists were also planning for a major attack on Amarnath Yatra which is going to be started on June 28.

But still, the PDP wanted to pardon the stone pelters and continue with the cease fire, risking the lives of our soldiers. As a result, the BJP ended their alliance with PDP.

But now, in the governor’s rule, the Army has no hurdles to take stringent action against terrorists. The centre appointed the topmost anti-Naxal officer Vijay Kumar as the security advisor, the person who had led the team which killed forest Brigand Veerappan in 2004. Now, the centre has deployed NSG commandos, the elite group which maintains the internal security of the country and snipers in Jammu Kashmir.

About two dozen snipers from the NSG’s house intervention teams (HIT commandos) have been training here since the last two weeks. In some time, the Home Ministry hopes to have 100 NSG men positioned at the BSF station. “Since they specialise in anti-hijack drills, they have been placed near the airport,” a senior officer said. The NSG snipers, with their pin-point accuracy and the use of sophisticated equipment like through-the-wall radars, sniper rifles and a corner shot assault weapons will help reduce casualty figures during the ops, say Home Ministry officials (Report).

The heavy deployment of the army has shaken the terrorists already and Pakistani agents have started crying about Human rights violations. Today morning, the Army has gun-downed the chief of ISIS operative in Jammu Kashmir Dawood Sofi alias Burhan Musaib and three other terrorists who were mainly responsible for the attacking Indian army various times.

So, now the central government is in full control of Jammu Kashmir and wants to bring the violence under control within next few months.

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