Woman does injustice to Women! Using a bizarre logic, former J&K CM Mehbooba Mufti oppose Triple Talaq Bill

What came as a shocker for every Muslim women out in India, was the statement from Peoples Democratic Party head and former CM of Jammu and Kashmir and also a woman herself, Mehbooba Mufti who criticised the proposed Triple Talaq Bill and said that through the Bill, the Bharatiya Janata Party is attempting to enter “our houses”!

According to ANI: “By bringing in the Triple Talaq Bill, they (BJP) are entering our houses. This will disturb our family life and there will be more problems for women and men economically,” Mufti said. 

Keeping apart the fact that the former CM of Jammu and Kashmir is a politician, beyond all that she is a woman herself! While every women belonging to the Islamic practice has demanded for the abolition of this law and this statement has been literally insensitive on part of all those women who have suffered because of this age old practice under Islam.

“Democracy is not run through brute majority, it is about consensus. Muslims accepted the Supreme Court’s decision on the invalidity of triple talaq, unlike the Sabarimala verdict. It’s best to empower Muslim women to be able to face the world independently in case of a break-up,” Mufti tweeted.

If anyone of us has forgotten, a huge number of women had previously thanked our Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his efforts towards abolishing this practice of triple talaq under Islam religion. Many muslim men had taken this practice for granted and could divorce their better half with a silly excuse, again none it question about it. The former CM of Jammu might consider this as a attack against the BJP party but this has brought down her own image in the eyes of those women fighting against the talaq practice.

The Bill makes triple talaq, a punishable offence, with a jail term for the husband up to three years. The women will be made entitled to financial assistance, and three new amendments have been introduced, on the recommendation from the opposition earlier, that will ensure that the proposed law will not be misused. When it is being fought for, the required measures also will be taken in the favour of women suffering in the respected case. Ending a marriage not only considers economic factors, but also the dignity of a woman.

Source: Timesnow news

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