Women in Rahul Gandhi’s social media team complaints of sexual harassment, but shameless Rahul Gandhi and Divya Spandana ignore the lady’s cry!

In a shocking incident, a women in the social media team of Rahul Gandhi has complained about the sexual harassment she is been facing in the Congress party. This letter was written in 11th June 2018 in which the lady says that she was working in the social media team of Rahul Gandhi and was responsible for maintaining the Twitter accounts of Congress (@INCIndia) and @INCSandesh. She says she was directly reporting to Divya Spandana/Ramya, the IT cell head of Congress and coordinated work with Chirag Patnaik, who managed the Congress IT cell.

She describes her tenure in the Congress office as a nightmare of harassment. She claims that she was sexually harassed by the person Chirag Patnaik for many months. She says she faced an uncomfortable situation in the office in the hands of Patnaik. She has accused him of misbehavior and displaying immoral conduct. She complains, everyday he made her feel uncomfortable staring at her differently and deliberately extended his legs near her.

She says since he was very powerful and had the authority to fire anyone, she tolerated his behavior but when the situation went out of control, she protested against his behavior strongly in a verbal conversation. She says she complained about his behavior to Divya Spandana on 14th May 2018, before writing this letter but Divya refused to hear her pain and diverted the topic. Divya Spandana also behaved very rudely with her and her arrogance made it more inconvenient for her to work in the office. She says that she went through severe mental harassment but no one ever heard her cry.

Since there was no response from either Divya Spandana or Rahul Gandhi, she resigned from her job citing depression. But the Congress people have behaved inhumanely by neither responding or acknowledging her letter until the matter became completely public.

Later, the lady has approached the Delhi police citing sexual harassment by Congress party worker after which Divya Spandana has put out a letter for mere eyewash. Divya conveniently said that there was no mention of sexual harassment and it was only on immoral behavior and there was no written complaint of the same. Divya Spandana in the letter has dismissed the lady’s complaint and instead blamed her for speaking against the man Patnaik.

Once the issue went public, the BJP has urged the Delhi police to lodge a complaint against the man Patnaik and questioned Rahul Gandhi’s silence over the issue. It is indeed a serious issue that Congress has neglected. According to Shehzad Poonawala, the Congress formed a committee as an eyewash is now pressurizing the women to take back her complaint.

Rahul Gandhi who speaks about women rights will have to first solve his party problems and then speak about others and protecting women of the country. This is not the first time the Congress workers have been accused of sexual harassment and one of the party workers had himself revealed that women are exploited in Congress if they seek any position.

Rahul Gandhi and Divya should feel ashamed of themselves for ignoring a women’s cry and give lectures to the country about women safety!!!

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