Women not safe in Congress? Congress party’s student wing President demanded sexual favours for party posts?

Four decades ago on this day Indira Gandhi had imposed emergency in India for purely political motives. Today, everywhere people were talking about the draconian rule of Indira Gandhi and how she misused her power. But to divert the attention of the public, the Congress party started to trend “Modi Emergency” and attacked the Modi government without any evidence.

The Congress party said,

  • By issuing rape threats and death threats, the BJP Govt and their troll army constantly intimidates those who oppose their ideology or question them.

But within hours of making this tweet, the Indians had to see the worst side of the Congress party!

Yes, now a sexual harassment case has been levied against the Chhattisgarh NSUI President Fairoz Khan by a female worker of Congress party. The victim had written a letter which had details of several WhatsApp conversations, allegedly between Khan and two others.

She also alleged that Mr Khan has mentally tortured her and her younger sister by asking them to come to his room. She even alleged that there are many other female members of the NSUI who have faced a similar predicament.

Will just be ensured to the women?

  • Safety of women in Congress is again questionable. Sexual harassment charges levied against the NSUI president Fairoz Khan by a women co-worker from Chhattisgarh. Justice should prevail

Justice should prevail and the guilty should be punished soon!

  • NSUI president accused for sexual harassment of a women co-worker from Chhattisgarh. No action is taken by the Congress yet.

Everything happening under Rahul Gandhi!

  • Top boss of Congress Students’ Wing demands sexual favours from girls in NSUI during Karnataka Election Campaigning. Indeed ‘Women Not Safe In Congress”, as new generation Congressi are learning from the serial offenders in the Party.

This is not the first time when the NSUI leaders were caught in anti-social activities!

Previously, an NSUI leader in Mangalore was caught after stealing the Jain idols. A noted twitterati pointed out at this and stated,

Congress student wing NSUI leaders shaming whole Nation. In 2017, Ex NSUI leader arrested for Lashkar links. Then, In Feb 2018, NSUI leader arrested for stealing Jain idols. Now, National President of NSUI accused in Sexual harassment. Is this how Rahul Gandhi empowering Youth?

Now it is interesting to see how Rahul Gandhi will react to this.  By looking at Rahul Gandhi’s track record, he might not even open his lip on this. However AICC joint secretary in-charge of NSU(I), Ruchi Gupta said “this is a serious charge and we are… taking suo motu cognizance to investigate this. We will form a committee of adequate seriousness to hear both the sides”.

Ruchi Gupta also said that she knows this woman and has interacted with her, but on this issue, she (the woman) has never spoken to her. She also added, “It is a pity that the woman instead of raising the issue with the organisation, has decided to go to the media”.

Perhaps the victim women had lost trust on the Congress leaders, that’s why she went to the media.

Source: Asianage.com

Hansika Raj