‘A women sleeps with a stranger to save her marriage’ : the other face of Triple Talaq that common people do not know!

Since past 1 year, there has been extensive discussion of abolishing triple talaq considering it has a very cruel practice which goes against the rights of women.

We consider that giving talaq on facebook, whatsapp or orally was the biggest cruelty in triple talaq, but there is another face which is much more cruel and has been kept secret and most people do not know about.

We assume that once the husband divorces his wife by triple talaq, she is thrown out of the house and is left on her own to survive. But many times, what happens is, the girl wants to get back to her husband and opposes talaq. But there is only one way to get back to her husband….Nikah Halala.

What is Nikah halala?

This is one of the most insensitive cruel practices which is followed by many Muslim people in parts of the world. After the women is divorced by her husband and if she intends to get back to him, then she will have to get married to another person, consummate the marriage, and then divorces him. Now she can get re-married to the old husband again. This is what is called Nikah halala.

It is said that this is the only way that she can save her marriage with her old husband.

Many women who are given triple talaq, out of desperation sleep with another man, just to save their marriages. But most women who opt for Nikah Halala get financially and sexually exploited by other men and end up ruining their life.

Since many years this Nikah Halala has turned out to be a business and there are many agencies which provide this service for money illegally. The agencies put ads on Facebook, whatsapp and other social media platforms that they were ready to marry divorced women and consummate the marriage for a prescribed amount and would divorce her, once the money is paid.

An interview conducted by BBC with a Muslim woman recently revealed the complete story as to how she was forced into Nikah halala.

Salma (name changed) says she got married at the age of 19 years, and she had a baby when she was 21, but her husband somehow lost interest in her and started abusing her and beating her.

“He wanted to get rid of me and when I refused to leave him, he started demanding huge amount of money.” But Salma thought he would change after few months and things would get better, but unfortunately he turned worst and threw her out of the house. She went to her father’s place and after few days while she was playing with her kids, she received a message on her whatsapp “Talaq, Talaq, Talaq”.

She says, “I did not know what to do and showed it to my parents and they said your husband has divorced you and you cannot go to him.” Devastated with the turn of events she did not know what to do. After few months she came across an illegal agency which performed  Nikah Halala. Hoping to return to her husband, she agreed to this cruel ritual.

She said “I contacted a person whose phone number I found on net and agreed to marry him only with an intention to save my old marriage.” “I got married to a man I barely knew and we consummated the night we got married” But unfortunately Salma not just slept with the man she got married with, but was forced to sleep with Imam as well who got her married.

The whole process is illegal, but still many women fall prey to this illogical and abusive practice. The only reason they agree to this heinous act is to save their marriage and convince their husbands to give them place in the house. Most of these Muslim women are young and helpless, they are scared to approach police and courts. They are brain washed since childhood that women MUST listen to husband according to Sharia laws.

This is the main reason why many people who call themselves religious heads and Imams deny educational rights to women and make them ignorant of women rights and laws.

So, one needs to think why exactly Triple talaq MUST be abolished and it is not a issue of political interest but it is to help these poor women who are undergoing abuse in the name of religion.

Aishwarya S