Women’s Commission chief discloses sensational information! Says “Forced conversion a reality in Kerala, Pinarayi hiding like Ostrich”

Those who claimed that forced conversion exists in India, then they were tagged as “communal” by the so called peace loving gang. But now the chief of Women’s Commission has disclosed a sensational information that has exposed the forceful conversion racket that is going on in Kerala, under the regime of its chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

National Commission for Women acting Chairperson Rekha Sharma slammed the Pinayari government saying “I have been here (in Kerala) for a few days, and I am aware that forceful conversion is taking place. The Chief Minister is still not taking the issue seriously. He might have seen the Aamir Khan movie, where he says ‘All is well.’ And is under the impression that all is well in the state”. This statement holds more importance as she was in Kerala on a fact-finding mission to study forced religious conversions.

She even said that none of the political party have realized the threat it poses as she said “Neither the government nor other political parties are taking this seriously. They need to wake up”.

National Commission for Women acting Chairperson Rekha Sharma continued to reveal how the conversion racket is targeting the young women in Kerala stating “There are many young people who are forcefully converting vulnerable young women in Kerala, to another religion. These men must be getting financial assistance from outside India. The foreign funding behind the conversion of vulnerable young women in Kerala must be probed. This is human trafficking”.

National Commission for Women acting Chairperson Rekha Sharma

While asked on whether Popular Front of India (PFI) is behind religious conversions, Rekha said “I have heard the name of agencies like ‘Satyasarani’ in Malappuram, where lot of such incidents occur. Such organisations should be investigated”.

Even in the past, the Popular Front of India (PFI) was involved in several anti-national activities. It is high time that the central government take a note of this to curb the intentions of religious fanatics.

Source: The News Minute

Hansika Raj