Won’t stop if provoked! India warns Pakistan over violation of Ramzan ceasefire

India has answered right on part of the Terror Country as a reply back to its atrocities on the enemy countries. Probably this was expected to come as a response from Indian ministry. In the strongest ever warning to Pakistan over its repeated ceasefire violations along the LoC, Indian Defence Sector has put out a statement “terror and talks cannot go hand in hand and India won’t stop if provoked.”

“We respect the ceasefire. That opening was already available as announced by the Home Minister. We honour the ceasefire but the margin was given to us when there was an unprovoked attack. It was Government of India’s decision and all of us abide by it,” said Nirmala Sitharaman.

“I stand by the view of the Home Minister on Ramzan ceasefire in Kashmir. We honour the ceasefire but we will respond to unprovoked violence. Terror and talks cannot go hand in hand,” she added.

MoD’s role isn’t to assess whether it was successful or not. It’s our business to guard the border & we won’t stop if we’re provoked. We shall be alert that no unprovoked attack goes without us responding. It’s our duty to keep India safe: Union Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

There is no shortage of Defence ammunition today in our country. Allegations on NDA Government scam in the Rafael deal are purely baseless. NDA Government under PM Modi can never be caught in any of the scams unlike the Congress Party. Our PM has ensured no corruption and scams prevail under his Government. He has maintained better bi-lateral relations with every nation but this treatment is not deserved by a country like Pakistan!

We all know that Pakistan will never shun terrorism for the rest of their lives. They will promote terrorist activities for the rest of their lives, so for how long are we going to wait and bare this destruction on innocent lives? Forever?? It is thus important that we react back in actions. It was also added that Indian Army has been given the right to retaliate during the ceasefire to keep the borders safe.

According to the reports of Republic TV, Pakistan violated ceasefire along the line of control (Loc) in Nowshera sector near Rajauri district late night. Pakistan Rangers resorted to unprovoked firing and targeted civilian villages. It was tracked down the course of attacks carried out by the Pakistan troops in the last three days. There have been 16 attacks by the Pakistani troops in the last 72 hours.

Source: Republic World